Designer Teases Klay Thompson’s Fourth Signature Shoe, the Anta KT4

In June, Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson debuted the Anta KT4, his fourth signature shoe with the Chinese sportswear company, on his annual China tour. Now, the shoe’s designer has given us a fresh look at what to expect.

Created by former adidas designer Robbie Fuller, the Anta KT4 will feature the same great traction used on the KT3 (we had to create a new badge for that traction pattern it was so good) and a similar ankle support system.

Moreover, the KT4 sports an updated aesthetic that emphasizes bold lines and stealthy materials. The build pictured here appears to uses a perforated suede upper with a knit inner sock, as well as a huge chunk of foam at the heel for impact protection and lockdown.

There are still very few official tech specs regarding the Anta KT4. We’ll update you when the shoe launches for the upcoming 2018-19 NBA season.

What do you think of the Anta KT4 so far? Let us know in the comments below.

anta kt4 klay thompson robbie fuller

Image via @fullerob

anta kt4 klay thompson

Image via @fullerob


  1. I love how Anta aren’t afraid to take risks in the aesthetics for performance sneakers, very happy its paying off

    1. I agree. Same goes for the Way of Wade line. They skip from a 13 to a 14 1/2. Which I’ve tried and it’s just a tad too big for performance sake. Ok for street wear though.

      Please ANTA, start making these in bigger sizes for the US market. A lot of ballplayers are bigger guys, hence, we have bigger feet.

  2. Anta has really stepped their game up with the KT line. Even Rondo’s last shoe got kudos from NW. This teaser looks very promising. I also like how each KT seems to be improving from the previous shoe.

  3. It’s really nice to see Anta getting better and better in making a basketball shoe that is both a solid performer as a great looking shoe. They begin to top a lot of signature shoes from Nike/Jordan.
    If a superstar athlete would rock them, they would get more credit from the public.

    1. Dang Klay gets the shaft again….. comon I know he’s not the most popular but talent/skill wise he’s in the top 3 of SGs in the nba at least

  4. I like it. Very clean silhouette and can even offer a great off-court appeal. The KT line has been consistently improving themselves and I hope that knit upper will be comfortable similar to the Adidas BYW X

  5. honestly the kt 3 and the kt3 low were the shoes of the year for me performance wise
    i have no doubt that these will be even better, and the price here in hong kong makes them a no-brainer

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