Derrick Rose Debuts the adidas D Rose 10

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Derrick Rose has debuted what seems to be his latest signature model, the adidas D Rose 10, during a pregame warmup against the Orlando Magic.

Donned in a blackout colorway, typical for wear-test samples, the sneaker somewhat mimics the patterns similar to his older models from the adiZero Rose line. The silhouette also seems to utilize Bounce technology as it main cushioning set up like his current signature — the adidas D Rose 9.

A few months ago, we reported that adidas and Rose will be re-releasing past models from the Rose signature line after his tenth shoe, so it has us wondering if this is the last signature sneaker we get from the iconic Rose line.

Additionally, Rose will be just the eighth player in NBA history to receive ten signature shoes from the same company, thanks in large part due to the sneakers’ popularity both domestically and overseas.

Rose didn’t lace the sneaker up for today’s game due to ankle injuries. However, the sneak peak is enough to keep us plenty excited. What are your thoughts on the latest Rose signature sneaker? Sound off in the comment section below.

Images via @pooh.drose1


  1. These look like the 1/2.5s. Why make 10s that look like 1/2.5s if older models are getting retroed amyway? Not feeling the glossy fuze trim on side panels, be better if they’re matte…hopefully nice leather on these.

  2. I like this semi-protro thing adidas is doing with this and the tmacs. If this has something similiar to a puremotion outsole these could be real nice with that bounce.

    I’d like to see them try a crazyquick outsole with boost. If done right it could be awesome.

  3. I hope Adidas doesn’t screw up by re releasing the wrong thing. I hope they did a bit of research before doing a release of that sort. There are certain models that would fly off the shelves, while the Supernatural Creator isn’t his sig, a special make up of that would be cool, and the Adi Rose 1.5 St Paddy’s day was a hit. These look okay, then have potential color wise. I am glad that Adidas is moving away from Boost in certain models of their hoops shoes.

  4. Throwback styling is not bad. Aesthetically I like it, but I hope the execution is on point this time. Tongue setup should help with fit. It would be interesting if that is a true SprintFrame design Adidas used until the 4.5.

    I guess he’s not going to warrant any cushion other than Bounce, not that it’s really a bad thing. He’s playing great, and I get he’s well past prime, but just sucks to see he’s no longer the top end signature player.

  5. Rose has been killin’ it this year. Super happy for him and its awesome to see.

    I hate these. I hated that design language Adidas used 8-10 years ago. Everything synthetics and fuse. The shoes literally hurt my feet and felt like I was playing in a damn plastic toy. At least these have bounce and not Adiprene/EVA so the cushion wont be absolute garbage. Even in the best colorway I cant see myself buying these. Rose deserves better.

  6. DRose 3 with boost or bounce please!

    My humble little comment won’t be enough to get this to Adidas…. Weartesters Team / Nightwing, DO YO THANG~!!!

  7. I am feeling these. Yeah, they do look like the 1.5 with bounce, but that also sounds pretty awesome to me. I just hope they get that fit and traction back on track.

  8. I like the return to Rose-Fundamentals(because the Rose9 was just… awful in every way), now….. let’s make it sell too, make it a $99-$109 price-point(I see no reason why it shouldn’t be), releasing a tried, and true design, should have a utility-price(like a Pro Model), not a hype-price(and having a ‘through seller’ should help the Rose-line, because I can’t imagine the Rose 9 having any success).

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