Custom Jordan IV ‘Rorschach” by Sekure D

rorschach-jordan-iv-custom-sekuredMy favorite custom of all time has just hit the Interwebs. The custom Jordan IV ‘Rorschach” by Sekure D is a tribute to DC Comics’ most celebrated anti-hero (in my opinion), Rorschach. Featuring the hero’s classic black inkblots along the heel and eyestay, complete with blood spatter all over the shoe, this is one of the best customs I’ve seen, ever. Every single part of the shoe symbolizes something iconic about Rorschach, a former member of the Watchmen, and something immediately recognizable to any Watchmen enthusiast. The purple pinstripes and brown tones are an ode to Rorschach’s outfit, a brown overcoat with purple pinstripe pants. Check out a panel form the comic below to see where Sekure D got some of his inspiration.

You can check out Sekure D’s IG here. He’s done a bunch more phenomenal Jordan customs so be sure to give him a follow. Share your thoughts on the custom Jordan IV ‘Rorschach” in the comments below.


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  1. as a comic fan, one of the best executed themed customs IMO, great detail on the blood splatter, and the overall shoe is great.

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