The Curry 3 Has a Launch Date and New Retail Price

According to a reliable Under Armour source, the Curry 3 has a launch date and new retail price.

We previously reported on which colorway would launch first but we didn’t yet have a date. The Curry 3 will drop October 27, just a couple days after the start of the 2016-17 NBA regular season, in the Black/Taxi colorway.

Now, for the price. We’ve been pretty sure about the Curry 3’s price for a couple months now. We’ve gotten reports from various sources that all said $150. Perhaps Under Armour was gaging the reaction to the $150 price point, or the it was a last minute change made for other reasons. Regardless, the Curry 3 is now said to retail for $140 instead of $150. That’s a $10 price cut that makes a ton of difference (if you’re asking me). This information comes from a reliable Under Armour source that has yet to be wrong.

So, October 27 for $140 in Black/Taxi. Does that sound good to you or what? Let us know in the comments below.

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under-armour-curry-3-colorways-seth-curry 3


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  1. As someone who loves Curry’s and wants to like these… I cant. Just something about the silhouette is off putting. The collar and shape make it look way to boxy for a guard shoe. I think these will look so much better as a low… but they just don’t like aerodynamic to me. They look like a lifestyle boot rather than basketball shoes.

  2. I like them. They remind me of the AJXX2. I don’t think I’ll pay retail for these though. Maybe if I get a $20 rewards or something.

  3. 140 is definitely better than 150…and probably worth it as the material difference between the 2.5 and 3 should be worth 5 bucks…the CW’s ive been seeing are pretty nice as well.

  4. Never bought any Currys so never paid attention to the MS but damn $150/140? I thought they were in the $125 ballpark. But as soon as I can get the SC3 for under retail I’m definitely copping and hopefully it will be the Dark Knight CW. I dont mind the look of these shoes on/off court as they remind of Robocop or some robotic/mechanized gear..but I am a tech freak and interested in trying out UA cushion.

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