Could This Be Kyrie Irving’s Next Sneaker, the Nike Kyrie 5?

The upcoming NBA season is almost upon us which means it’s also time we start seeing new kicks.Today, we have a glimpse at what might be the upcoming Nike Kyrie 5.

During the off-season and pre-season, athletes tend to put their upcoming signature model for the season to the test. These shoes are designed and put together over a year and change in advance and handed out to a selective group of product testers so they can offer feedback on what works and what doesn’t. As far as we see, this possible Kyrie 5 has only subtle changes from last year’s popular Nike Kyrie 4 (perhaps the best Kyrie model yet).

The shoe pictured here features an all-mesh upper, just like its predecessor, along with an updating lacing system that implements Flywire at the forefoot and midfoot area for updated lockdown. The toecap at medial side also features fuse overlays for durability.

Interestingly, the tongue pull branding features Kyrie’s signature logo with Nike while a uniquely designed heel counter should keep Irving on the shoe’s footbed. It is still unknown what cushion system this possible Kyrie 5 utilizes, however, we wouldn’t be surprised if it stayed the same as Kyrie 4 (a Cushlon midsole with heel Zoom Air). The traction appears to show a highly aggressive multi-directional pattern, a plus for guards like Kyrie who utilize intense but controlled movements to evade defenders.

There is no official release date or price point for this possible Kyrie 5 yet, but if this is a glimpse of things to come for the signature line we’re absolutely game for it. Of course, this should could also be another budget model like the Kyrie Flytrap.

What do you think of the shoe so far? Do you own the Kyrie 4 and enjoy playing in it? Are you excited for what’s to come with Irving’s signature line? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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  1. Has a similar design to previous models, however, I’m curious to see what type of cushion they use for this shoe. Never bought a kyrie shoe before, but I personally like the way they look. Hopefully, if the performance review is good I’ll take my chances and buy these.

  2. Looks surprisingly similar to a trimmed, slightly more styled version of a KD 10, without the visible air, and with the bigger swoosh of the KD 9.

  3. Honestly, it reminds me a lot of a Hyperdunk. Kyrie loved those back then. As far as the upper is concerned, there doesn’t seem to be anything groundbreaking. I’m surprised he hasn’t touched Flyknit for his models yet. I really wish but I’m not expecting that the cushion finally has forefoot zoom. His PEs showed he had forefoot zoom instead of heel only zoom.

  4. Man, the Kyrie 3s and 4s have been so bleh to me in terms of aesthetics and design language. I don’t find them ugly, but they haven’t excited me enough to make a purchase decision. This looks a little more exciting to me. Assuming this is indeed the 5, I’m looking forward to more colorways surfacing.

  5. I’m looking forward to more colorways or seeing official pics to know what we will get. The two previous Kyrie models didn’t got me at all with the leaked photos, but once they went out I really liked them. In terms of performance, the Kyrie 4 is an absolute go-to shoe for me, and the 3 really improved when I got an insole swap (with the sofsole insole that Nightwing uses on his AJ 3 performance review). Let’s hope the 5 also gets a cushlon midsole. The design reminds me a little of the Hyperfuse line.

  6. Very excited about this one, mostly because I like how the 4 and Low play. Looks like lacing up to the midfoot is running a dynamic setup and the medial traction could fare better given it’s a little closer to herringbone. Hard to tell what the material is, but looks thinner and hopefully more flexible/form fitting as a result.

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