Converse Returns to its Performance Basketball Roots with the All Star Pro BB

Converse returns to its performance basketball roots, yet again, as the brand introduces the All Star Pro BB.

Aesthetically drawing from its rich heritage, the Converse All Star Pro BB takes what is familiar and tweaks it into something new. By blending Converse heritage and Nike tech, the brand hopes the Converse All Star Pro BB will usher in a new age of performance basketball footwear.

The upper is constructed using a single layer of Nike Quadifit mesh (like a modern canvas) and is said to provide exceptional lockdown by distributing the load of the foot and mitigating friction. There’s a drop-in Nike React foam midsole that is described as being lightweight, durable and responsive, to allow for quick cuts, smooth lift-off and sustained long term play on-court.

A “cupsole” returns in order to house the drop-in Nike React foam midsole while the shoe’s outsole has been engineered for optimal containment during gameplay.

An homage to the Chuck Taylor All Star is featured on the medial side while the Star Chevron logo appears on the lateral side as reminder of another Converse basketball icon, the Weapon.

The All Star Pro BB will release in May 2019 for $140.

via Nike Inc.


  1. Big fan of the look of the shoe. I like the old school/new school look. The react foam should be solid comfort as well. I am a little skeptical on the traction pattern though, not even going to get into the translucent part of it.

  2. Reminds me a lot of the Kobe 360 which I’m guessing they used a lot of the extra materials from. The shape of the outsole/midsole tooling, materials on the upper and medial stitch line are all very similar. I love that they kept the upper single layer and straight at the top of the ankle

  3. I hope that drop-in react will feel like the drop-in lunarlon midsoles from the kobe line. From Nightwing’s review of the KD11 and the hyperdunk, the react foam needs room to expand. So a drop-in react in a cupsole tells me it probably wont have room to expand (probably why the lunarlon drop-in midsole worked coz it doesnt need room to expand, but with the tradeoff of bottoming out quickly).

    Overall though, I like the design. The traction looks like it would but multi-directionally.

    Lastly, that taped seam in the medial side kind of concerns me…blister alert.

  4. I really like the look. Very nice mix of old and new school. With the React cushioning, because it is encased in the midsole will it have the chance to compress like it should or will it be more like the SuperFly?

  5. I like a lot of things abou this- the fact that converse is back making a peformance shoe, the full react midsole without a strobel board in the way, the modern retro look, and the upper.

    The one big thing i dont like is the outsole doesnt look durable. That is the one thing from the kobe 360 they shouldnt have borrowed. I hope its more durable than it looks and has some solid cws, cuz it would be a huge downside for this.

  6. Not a fan of the chuck taylor all-star logo on the medial side. Thought it was chevron-one-star look thru and thru. But i guess nike wanted more elements.

  7. Never thought I’d be excited for a converse basketball shoe. These look like there gonna be really nice

  8. Did not see this one coming. I love it…

    Serious old-school vibe without destroying your knees. Short shorts not included

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