A Clean Look at the Jordan Super.Fly 2017

The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 is on its way to retail.

Blake Griffin debuted the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 on-court during the NBA Playoffs and today we have a great look at the upcoming shoe.

We believe this is a GS (kids) sized pair but they don’t look that much different in terms of build and tech.

The upper is interesting as it seems to do away with the TPU and knitted uppers we’ve seen on the past Super.Fly models. Instead we get a glimpse of the past with patent leather and nubuck. It does appear to be a one-piece construction so some may not enjoy the overall fit if thats the case. Traction looks awesome and we’re hoping it is, while the tooling looks to feature what Nike calls React cushion. Details on Nike’s new React cushion system are currently unavailable but we’re thinking its a new foam compound as original tech specs in team catalogues for the Hyperdunk 2017 read that the shoe uses a new Lunarlon cushion system.

Enjoy the clean look at the upcoming Jordan Super.Fly 2017 and share your thoughts with us below in the comment section. If the price is right, this could be another solid hoop shoe from Jordan Brand alongside the Ultra.Fly 2.

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  1. This does look different compared to the one Blake wore in the PO’s. It looks like there is 4 ridges in the mid part of the shoe, compared to 5 on the one Blake wore. The logo also looks bigger on this shoe compared to the Blake one as well.

    1. The 5 seams on Blake’s might be because his feet are so big. Similar to how Adidas gave Kristaps Prozingis two extra lace loops on his crazy explosives

    1. Exactly. The midsole-outsole lining, the laces, the patent leather touches, the colour scheme… This is definitely a tribute to the XI “Space Jam”s.

  2. I was somewhat interested in these but Blake’s injury is kinda concerning. it seemed like as soon as he laced them up he wound up w/ a bad foot injury(toe?) on a routine non-contact play. was it just a fluke or did the shoes lack support or cause too much strain to be placed in that area. of course I certainly wouldnt be putting that much stress on my foot but I’m also not built w/ the strength of a pro athlete either so unless reviews online say its a safe/quality shoe, I’ll pass

    1. I was wondering about that when he went down. Unless the shoe comes out and is total trash, its probably because he’s just an injury-prone player. Still, we’d never know.

  3. The shoe doesn’t look bad, it just looks too much like the 11s. Some people could mistake them for a bad knockoff, in this colorway particularly. For performance, I’m not a fan of how rounded the heel is. I like heels to have a little curvature or not at all, to be more stable.

    This react cushioning better be a huge improvement in the durability and impact protection of lunarlon to warrant a name change. Nike really needs a new foam cushion since other brands are killing it in that department.

  4. These pictures are definitely in grade school sizing. The dimensions are too off for it to be the adult sizing

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