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The “China Exclusive” Curry 4 ‘More Magic’ Will Release in the U.S.

under armour curry 4 more magic 1

What Under Armour called a “China exclusive” Curry 4 will now see a limited release several U.S. cities. We won’t know the inspiration behind the first Curry 4 colorway to release until Thursday. However, the very limited numbers of the ‘More Magic’ will be available on October 7 across China, the Bay Area, Boston, and Chicago, according to Under Armour. The Curry 4 retails for $130.

For a detailed look at the Under Armour Curry 4 ‘More Magic’ click here.

If you’re trying to get this release, good luck. Keep your eyes open at Under Armour Brand Houses.

under armour curry 4 more magic 2

under armour curry 4 more magic 4

under armour curry 4 more magic 3



Photos via gc911

  1. Good news: US will receive this colorway
    Bad news: UA pulling a NIke by not releasing this model in greater quantities.
    Perplexing news: No release in the DMV area where UA is based.

    It’s the NES Classic Edition of shoes.

    I’ll make a futile effort to get a pair.

  2. Bay Area release is only in the Concord FTL branch?

    Even if I landed the reservation lmao I am not going to Concord for this.

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