The Nike Kobe X Gets the Black & White Oreo Treatment

Ever pictured an Oreo with a tower of cream filling? Well the sneaker equivalent of that is this black and white colorway of the Nike Kobe X.

While an exact nickname and inspiration behind this colorway isn’t yet known, Nike and Jordan fans have often referred to white and black sneakers as either ‘Oreo’ or ‘cookies and cream’. Even the outsole on this Kobe 10 looks like a milky white. Of course, there are other colors on the shoe to differentiate from the delicious look, namely the red stripes on the heel and the gold “X” on the heel portion of the outsole. With that said, the creaminess of the colorway can’t be denied.

Stay tuned to WearTesters for release info for this black and white Nike Kobe X. With that said, what other inspirations can you come up with? Let your imagination run wild in the comments section below.

nike-kobe-10-white-black-02-1 nike-kobe-10-white-black-04 nike-kobe-10-white-black-07 nike-kobe-10-white-black-05 nike-kobe-10-white-black-03 nike-kobe-10-white-black-06


    1. EXACTLY!!!!!!
      I was wishing I had those all season.
      Crowder is a scrapper and a beast. Too bad he got taken out by J.R. Smith.

  1. Other than the Red Stripes on the left heel, couldn’t ya just make these the EXACT same as IDs?….and of course the price jump.
    I bet anything these are a TB colorway?…wait n see…..

  2. This colorway is just clean!! I like it. Will definitely be keeping an eye for these!!!

  3. I think the inevitable yellowing on the outsole would still compliment this super clean colorway

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