Check Out These Upcoming Air Jordan 33 Colorways

Now that the Air Jordan 33 has been unveiled, we’ve got a look at upcoming colorways.

If you were following WearTesters captain @Nightwing2303 (who was at the unveiling in LA) you might have already seen these colorways. The introductory colorway, dubbed ‘Future of Flight’, will release on October 18 for $175. However, Jordan Brand has a lot more planned for the laceless sneaker.

air jordan 33 tech pack weartesters

The Air Jordan 33 ‘Tech Pack’ is expected to launch exclusively in Asia for overseas hoopers. No word on whether it will feature XDR rubber so the shoe is outdoor-ready but we’ll keep you updated.


Of course, there is a ‘Triple Black’ Air Jordan 33 coming. It will hit retail for Holiday 2018 and it appears to feature some blacked-out elephant print at the heel overlays.

air jordan 33 ACG colorways

Jordan Brand also showed off a multicolored Air Jordan 33 that does a bit of everything; it has some heat-map vibes to it and, seemingly, some ACG influence with the beige and blue look. There is no word yet on when to expect this colorway.

air jordan 33 jade guo ailun PE

Finally, Jordan Brand showed off a ‘Jade’ Air Jordan 33 that appears to be a PE for Chinese basketball star and JB athlete Guo Ailun. There is no word when it will release but expect it to be a China exclusive.

The Air Jordan 33 features a large-volume forefoot Zoom Air unit and a smaller hex Zoom Air unit under the heel. Beneath the arch resides the FastFit system, which cinches the whole shoe closed with one pull of the forefoot strap. Finally, the shoe features an updated Flight Speed system, which now uses the same carbon fiber plate as the Zoom Vaporfly 4%.

air jordan 33 nightwing2303

Air Jordan 33 ‘Future of Flight’. Image via @nightwing2303

air jordan 33 colorways

Image courtesy of Jordan Brand


  1. the only pair id cop would be the black ones. they hide all the unnecessary stuff that looks too busy.

      1. I think busy is putting it mildly. unnecessary and pointlessly complicated is a better description. I really think this cabling system is gonna hurt someone. sure, it’s good for golf but this is basketball, it’s so much more physical.

      2. Gotta admit that Adidas did it better with the TMAC 4, with much better materials. All Nike did was to strip away the shroud. It is a shame that Nike fans won’t admit it.

  2. Which would you recommend for performance and lifestyle? the air Jordan 12 international flight or the Kobe 1 mpls ?

  3. The black pair is intriguing. I just really wish that they had herringbone. It definitely is a step in the more interesting and innovative direction despite the fact that the idea may have already been tried. It breaks up the monotony of things.

  4. This shoe looks kind of budget to me. With that mesh upper and the basic-ness of the whole design, if you take away the Jordan on the tongue, show this to someone and say its a Walmart shoe, they’d probably believe you. I’m thinking they skimped out on nice materials because a lot of the budget had to go into the lacing gimmick. For $175, smart consumers should expect more.

  5. Looks like one of the pairs take after the Metallic 5 or Cement 3. Black upper, red tabs, grey tongue — look towards the right, and middle. Would like to see that one.

  6. Am I the only one who noticed that there are a lot more, different models in the last photo? At least 2 more, besides the AJ 33.

  7. I’d go for the tech pack… that only comes out in Asia. I mean seriously, is that the only continent where XDR is valued? Who’s a good retailer to go through to get these Asia-only releases?

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