Champs Sports: What Makes Stephen Curry’s Sneakers Special

Champs Sports’ The Drop currently has a dope article up on what exactly makes Stephen Curry’s sneakers so special. Yes, I am being completely biased due to the fact that I’m featured in the article so it’s automatically dope to me.

If you’re interested in my thoughts — as a Bay Area native — on why Stephen Curry and his signature Under Armour sneakers are so special to us then head over to The Drop and check it out. Make sure you come back here and leave your thoughts on Stephen, his shoes, and Under Armour in the comment section below.

Big thanks to Sean Sweeney and Jarrel Harris for reaching out to me to pick my brain!

Champs Sports What Makes Stephen Curry's Sneakers Special


  1. That was a good read and I liked the mention of how Curry is to the Bay Area what MJ, Rose, Wade, James, etc were/are to their respective teams. Much respect.

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