BrandBlack X WearTesters Ether Release Recap at BAIT SF

On May 14th, 2016, the WearTesters x BrandBlack Ether released worldwide and the release party was held at BAIT in San Francisco.

The release was a huge success and Nightwing2303 and the team at WearTesters just want to say thank you to everyone who showed up. We really appreciate your loyalty and support, and without you guys, none of this is possible.

Watch detailed reviews on the WearTesters x BrandBlack Ether here.


  1. It was awesome to have finally met you. Sorry for being awkward and bounced right away. I parked illegally, but good thing I did because I got the last pair in my size. I was the dude at 1:00 mark.

    Congrats on the colab and excited to see the name grow.

  2. Not only do I get to hoop it up with NW2303 and Jahronmon regularly, but it was great to have my fam meet NW2303 & Jahronmon at the Weartesters Ether Release at Bait!

    Max gives extra shout out to NW2303 for the Wearesters Ethers!!!

  3. Awesome pickup and I regret not being able to hang around much either. While this colorway was the perhaps the most anticipated, I would put out to those who missed out that you shouldn’t sleep on the Ether altogether. Cushion (if you haven’t tried Black Foam) and fit are way up there imo.

    I believe NW had some say in development so there’s some WT-inspired feel to them regardless of colorway.

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