Brandblack Teases the Saga in Triple Black

Originally reported as the Brandblack Aura II, this modern and chunky sneaker has been renamed the Saga. Now, it has appeared in a super clean new colorway.

The Brandblack Saga will ride atop a new tooling that the brand developed with world-renowned Italian outsole manufacturer Vibram. Like the Aura, the Saga features a knit inner sock with premium leather overlays and what appear to be mesh panels towards the heels.

The triple black build pictured here is accented with contrasting Brandblack branding at the quarter, white and black laces, and bright yellow Vibram branding at the tooling. Expect this Saga to drop in Brandblack’s AW/018 first drop — although there is no word on when that will arrive.

What do you think of the Brandblack Saga? Are you ready to pay around $200 for it? Let us know in the comments.

For more, check out Brandblack’s collaboration with Maison Kitsuné.

brandblack saga triple black 1

brandblack saga triple black


Photos via @brandblack


  1. Hey how is BB doing as a company? Their site is just a list of 3rd party vendors. Did they drop their basketball lineup completely too?

    1. I think the brand has pivoted to luxury/more hype stuff — we honestly have no idea 🤷‍♀️ hypebeast and highsnob are the outlets where BB wants to be now

      1. I have two Force Vector leather pairs, one of all-time greatest. They usually didn’t cheap out on materials, as most other brands do… Well, RIP I guess.

  2. I assume the separation from Skechers affected the distribution of product. I hope the site allows direct sales again.

  3. these are beautiful really, i think they can go toe to toe with any high-end designer sneakers
    that being said is it really worth it dropping their basketball performance stuff and focussing exclusively on producing stuff like this? i mean come on

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