BrandBlack Shows Off the FutureLegend Low

While attending Agenda, Brandblack has shown off the upcoming FutureLegend Low.

The original version of the Brandblack FutureLegend was a great on-court shoe but the design might have been too much for the close minded hooper to try out.

Reimagining the shoe in low top form wasn’t hard since the shoe without the strap was pretty close to being a low already. However, the material upgrade here is something that I’m totally down for.

Replacing the synthetic toe and Jacquard mid panel with a knitted one-piece upper is a great look for the shoe. The colors — other than the triple black — are far from traditional and bring something new to on-court performance footwear. Tech specs in terms of traction and cushion remain untouched — which is perfect as the traction and cushion were major selling points on the original.

There is no official release date at the moment, but we’re hearing the Brandblack FutureLegend Low may be due out later on in 2017, or it could arrive with the AMALGAM collection due out in July.

Share your thoughts on the Brandblack FutureLegend Low below in the comment section and stay tuned for updates.



Via Brandblack


  1. I think the colorways look good. I personally really liked the “mid” version with the strap. I just wish it had a regular tongue.

  2. I want these, as an alternative to my lovely rare metals with some better traction which is my only slight complaint with them

        1. Yeah not to be critical, but with the cut down, I’d wonder what upside the RM has left. The FL has the favored traction, same cushion, material still invovlves jacquard; the low cut version adds heel padding (or was that always there?). Fit was raved on before, so the only thing on paper I could see in the RM’s favor is like…3 ounces. I’m open to the idea there’s more to it in reality. Just hard to imagine now that the FL is also low and the bootie+strap are no longer a factor.

          1. Thats like asking why Nike puts out the Kyrie or any non signature model when they have such and such shoe. They’re a brand. They offer different shoes for different people. Why would any brand release more than one shoe? Because its what they do.

  3. Looking to get a pair of lows with good traction and good cushioning.

    I’m eyeing the CLB 2016. Should I wait for this FL Low instead?

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