The BrandBlack Rare Metal Has Restocked

The BrandBlack Rare Metal has been restocked on Both the Black/ White and the Black/ Red versions of the shoe are currently available in full size runs. Retail is $110 and free shipping is available.

Available Now | Finish Line

brandblack-rare-metal-available-now-black-red brandblack-rare-metal-available-now-black-white


    1. Yeah I gave up. Went the regular CC way, which was also slow, but it happened.

      High hopes for this pair. Seems like they took the “steady improvement” approach from the JC2/FV to the Rare Metal. From my experience the FV was incredible short of the pinching that could happen when the already-thin tongue wears down.

      $100 with coupon before tax and free shipping really makes this one of the best deals of the year. Only thing I could speculate in the mix is the CE’s (non-PK) price drop.

    1. Since Finishline doesn’t offer shipping outside the US, I’m gonna have to wait until it drops on the main brandblack site. Anyone have any idea when that might happen?

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