BrandBlack Rare Metal | Detailed Look and Review

BrandBlack is gearing up to launch the upcoming offerings for this Fall season, and one of those offerings we’re able to give WearTesters readers a first look at.

This is the BrandBlack Rare Metal. It’s BrandBlack’s top tier performance model this Fall, and we also show you the FutureLegend as well — but we’ve seen those briefly a while back. You can check them out here in case you missed it.

Everything we know — or at least that we’re allowed to share — is in the video below so make sure to check out the detailed look and review. Stay tuned for the performance review in the coming weeks and let us know what you think about the BrandBlack Rare Metal.


  1. Intriguing. I think I would like the design better if they got rid of one set eyelets to lower the shoe in front, but that is nitpicking. I thought these were going to be the JC4s. BB continues to come out with some awesome shoes…

  2. Looking forward to the review! Love the look on them and starting to feel real comfortable playing in lows so this might be a good one to get.

  3. I thought they were the JC4s. I look forward to that announcement. This is a very nice looking shoes.

  4. It is weird that there is still no info about the upcoming J Crossover 4, cuz last year they released JC3 model during PRO AM event. I initially thought the FUTURE LEGEND was JC4, but they are not. I’m wondering if they will keep JC series…hopefully they do and make it special.

  5. My lord. It’s like I was dreaming of a shoe design, woke up and BrandBlack designed it. Here’s all of my money. Good day sir.

  6. Saw the shoe on Instagram earlier and this look just reaffirms what I thought…these look amazing. I can’t wait to see them in person.

  7. Thoughts on Paul George 1s? BB is awesome especially at shoe design they could help/join underarmour and be come the rulers of the shoe game!!!!!:)

  8. how about the foot containment in these? I dont want to have the same mistake again with JC crossover before. I bought it (JC crossover)because of your review but it didn’t suit me well. My foot just keep on sliding inside the shoe upon crossover and lateral movement. The cushioning, traction, etc. will just be moot without proper foot containment.

  9. Brandblack is the shoe company with the best looking shoes right now. Aesthetically they’re just very streamline and clean. Performance is great, too. Of all the new companies, they are doing things right. They should sign some other players, though, so they can really blow up.

  10. So awesome how Brandblack works with all of your feedback to develop their sneakers. Must make you really feel like a true part of the shoe business

  11. Nightwing, what’s the difference in stack height between these and the Ethers? And do you feel like the Ether is tippy at all compared to the Force Vector Premiums? Trying to make my choice between getting the Ether now (even though I missed out on your collab version) and waiting for the Rare Metals. Thanks!

  12. I’m ALL IN with BRANDBLACK after purchasing and now playing in the JCROSSOVER II LOWS. AMAZING Grip, lockdown and just enough cushion to court feel ratio any baller would want!

    Can’t wait for these Rare Metals to release….

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