Brandblack No Name Pops Up at the Brandblack Pop Up Store

Brandblack has been in the process of creating a pop-up store since Saturday, April 9, with promises of seeing and being able to purchase the entire Spring/Summer 2016 PRISM Collection. Dubbed Temporary Transmissions (needs to be a permanent name for a shop), the “store” opens April 13 to the public.

Today we get the first release, the BrandBlack No Name. Really, the shoe is called the No Name. Instead of waiting for the shop to open, you the public can purchase RIGHT NOW on Retail is $100 plus shipping for all three colors pictured. If you have never tried Brandblack casual, check the No Name out. Tech specs are as follows:


• Premium unlined raw suede
• Parametric molded heel brace
• Entry portal heel tab
• Unstructured textile padded tongue top
• One-piece injected Jetlon bottom
• Brandblack proprietary grip pattern
• Perforated breathable sockliner

If for some reason you can’t order from, the No Name is also available on If these do find their way onto your feet, drop a comment and tell us about it below.







    1. The dual injected Jetlon is two different durometers (or densities) which provides softer cushion in certain areas and firmer, more supportive/responsive in others. The no name is just a solid piece of whatever durometer Jetlon they chose.

  1. They’re nice, but I’m gonna stick to my leather FV’s. They got that duality where if someone casually challenges me on the street for pick up, I’m set.

  2. These are sexy as hell, as all of the Brandblack casuals have been. I wish to own a pair of these.

  3. 100 bucks is inexpensive for such good looking shoes, but definitely weird that they don’t sell em on their own site.

    1. I guess it’s a kind of fan service, rewarding people who already know about the brand with a very nice and not that expensive shoe.


      1. Jackthreads used to carry them and they ship internationally , but recently I think they have dropped BB.

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