Brandblack Unveils BLADERUNNER Boot with Vibram Outsole

Brandblack has linked with Newline HALO for a very interesting new sneaker boot, the BLADERUNNER, that takes things to a whole ‘nother level.

Newline HALO, a collaboration between international sports brand Newline and designers Rasmus Storm and Malkit Singh, specializes in “urban sport menswear.” While “sneakerboots” are being done by nearly every brand — Timberland, New Balance, Native, Asics, adidas, Nike, and more — this latest sneakerboot from Brandblack and Newline HALO may finally be the real deal due to its milspec build.

Dubbed the BLADERUNNER, the hybrid boot appears to use a suede upper combined with engineered knit that could offer the best of both worlds; the collar and underlays are knit, while suede takes care of the rest of the upper. Best of all, the BLADERUNNER sits atop a Vibram outsole with the brand’s RollinGait system.

There is no pricing information available just yet, but according to Brandblack, the BLADERUNNER should be arriving in stores internationally in November.

Brandblack BLADERUNNER sneakerboot 2

Brandblack BLADERUNNER sneakerboot 4

Brandblack BLADERUNNER sneakerboot 3



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  1. For something with that name from this company I was honestly ready for something really unique looking. This reminds me of something Puma would do, not the company that brought the broadest range of styles I’ve seen from a brand just this year. Maybe more colors would help.

    1. Kind of agree but it sounds like it was being designed within MilSpec standards so I think the badassery with these is just more subtle.

      1. If they did an all black I’d be able to try them on shift. Not opposed to a standard looking boot as long as it’s comfortable.

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