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At Bombas Socks, large sales aren’t typical. There’s no dependable way to predict when a new sale will go live. Occasionally, Bombas Socks deals will line up with holidays or special events. Just as often, sales can be introduced because Bombas Socks has excess inventory.

There are always Bombas Socks shoes and gear on sale or clearance. These items tend to be shoes and gear that were new one to two years ago. The sale or clearance items can often be high performing or fashionable items, but since they’re older, they go on sale. Bombas Socks needs to discount them in order to clear out room for newer styles.

If you’re wondering which sale items you should buy, you can read WearTesters’ performance reviews on basketball shoes, running shoes, cross training shoes, apparel, and sporting goods. We deep dive into how the shoes, apparel, and sporting goods perform by using them to participate in the sport(s) they’re meant for.

For example, a pair of running shoes will be reviewed by one to two of our testers in various conditions. Our testers put a lot of miles in the shoes and collect their observations. They’ll use the shoes for speed workouts, trail runs, treadmill training, long runs, casual wear, and more. The final product is a comprehensive review that touches on fit, cushion, materials, traction, and support. Our goal is to help you determine if a shoe will work well for you. This means we’ll be blunt about both the positives and negatives of each product we test. Brands are not given any editorial control of our reviews.

If you still have questions about any product after reading our review, please reach out to use via Twitter or join our Discord community.

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