Bodega Bamz Talks Success, Music, and Tanboys for Reebok’s ‘Alter the Icons’

Over the summer, Reebok dropped two ‘Alter the Icons’ collections with artists JAYIDK, Saweetie, MadeinTYO, and Bodega Bamz to showcase how young creatives are departing from tradition. Now, the brand has given us an in-depth look at what drives Bodega Bamz.

In an age where the entertainment industry will no longer put people on if they can only do one thing, Spanish Harlem native Bodega Bamz turned rapping and acting into a successful career. Bamz began recording music in 2012, according to Reebok, and linked up with the Tanboys, a Latino collective working to uplift and promote their culture.

“A big thing about us is that we’re proud to be who we are and where we come from. Tanboys is a collective, it’s a movement,” Bamz said in a statement. Since his debut, he has worked tirelessly to put on for his community, and the community is why he creates — why he follows his own altered path.

bodega bamz reebok alter the icons

“We needed something to bring Bodega Bamz up, we needed something to not only focus on the solo artist but focus on the group coming from Spanish Harlem,” he said in a statement. Now part of Reebok’s ‘Alter the Icons’ campaign, Bamz has shown his Harlem community that no matter where you come from you can make music and land a role in a hit TV show by making your own way.

Check out Reebok’s latest video featuring Bodega Bamz below and let us know if you picked up any of the ‘Alter the Icons’ footwear. Interesting and contemporary styles for men, women, and kids are available now at

bodega bamz reebok alter the icons

bodega bamz alter the icons


Images courtesy of Reebok

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