Big Baller Brand Plans to Unveil Gelo’s G3 Signature Shoe Very Soon

Brandblack co-founder David Raysse has shared another sneak peek at the upcoming Big Baller Brand G3 for Gelo Ball.

While Melo is the first non-professional basketball player to launch his own signature shoe, his older brother, Gelo Ball, will be the second. I’m thinking I should be the third.

We’ve seen David Raysse tease the upcoming BBB G3 on Instagram before. First was the image featuring a blacked out version of the shoe’s upper, then came a digital image showcasing color placements. Now, we have a look at the outsole and a small tease at the midsole tooling.

Traction reminds me of the Brandblack J Crossover — the original one — which had very good traction on a variety of surfaces. Cushion will likely be vague in terms of a description, as it was on Melo and Lonzo’s signature shoes, but it’ll likely be Jetlon, one of Brandblack’s proprietary foams.

So far, I like what I see from a performance perspective. It’s doubtful that I’ll be able to afford the shoe, but those that can should get a solid performance model out of the deal.

According to Raysse, Gelo and the Big Baller Brand will be unveiling the G3 very soon so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section.


Images via @draysse


  1. Kinda has the Air maestro vibe to it. Digging it. With B. Black Jetlon I’m in but I cannot afford BBB ridiculous SRP

  2. Excuse me, LiAngelo Ball is a professional basketball player of the Junior Basketball Association.

    The disrespect the on the internet. I swear.

  3. I just want to remind everybody who is camping out for this shoe to have a buddy take your spot every couple of days so you can go home and shower, and also get food and water to bring back to the line. Stay healthy out there, people.

  4. I thought the G3 was already unveiled? Wasn’t it that royal blue and white one they showed a couple months ago?

  5. Well everyone gets a trophy now-a-days. Why shouldn’t everyone get their own signature shoe also? SMH

    Chris and Weartesters earned their collabs with Brandblack. They’ve actually contributed to the sneaker world and made it a better place. These fools haven’t done a damn thing. They’re the Paris Hilton of the basketball world. That’s NOT a good thing.

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