Better Signature Shoe: Kyrie Irving vs. Damian Lillard

Kyrie Irving dropped a double nickel scoring night on Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers yesterday, adding to the friendly rivalry that includes Lillard sinking a game-winning three against the Cavaliers. While both players have different styles of play, there are quite a few similarities between the two.

For instance, both players are similar in age, both play point guard for winning teams, both play sidekick to their respective “La’s” (LeBron and LaMarcus,) and both have recently launched their first signature shoes, that also happen to be affordable. Let’s delve into the Nike and adidas signature shoes for design inspirations and colorways:

Nike Kyrie 1

The Nike Kyrie 1 retails for $110, and was created by Nike Basketball designer Leo Chang.

The entire design process was to focus on Irving’s quick first step and speed, meaning his first signature shoe had to be light, but still feature great traction to handle Kyrie’s quickness. All of that is evident through the herringbone that climbs up the outsole and onto the sidewalls. This jagged traction takes inspiration from the Sydney Opera House, a landmark relating to the fact that Kyrie was born in Australia. Further tech includes Zoom Air in the forefoot as well as a Hyperfuse upper.

Aesthetic details include Kyrie’s number 2 on the heel, Irving’s logo on the outer part of the tongue with his signature in the inner part, and Kyrie’s signature just below the aforementioned logo.

adidas D Lillard 1

The adidas D Lillard 1 retails for $105, and was sketched by adidas global basketball designer, Robbie Fuller.

The sneaker was designed with low-top modernity and affordability in mind (so no Boost technology.) Both are points of emphasis that Lillard specifically mentioned wanting. In terms of tech, the shoe features full length adiprene+ and a TECHFIT tongue and inner bootie. Every colorway seems to utilize different materials like nubuck, leather and other synthetics.

Aesthetic cues that relate to Lillard include his logo on the heel of the left shoe, as well as “DAME” written on the right tongue. Each colorway features four lines of rap relating to the background of each shoe, a nod to the #4BarFriday contest Lillard holds on Instagram.



What’s interesting is that the colorways above from both athlete’s have similar stories (All-Star, BHM,) and colors (‘Deceptive Red’ vs. ‘Rose City’, ‘Dream’ vs. ‘Away’).

With all of that said, I’d love to hear from you guys. Who is a better player now? Who will have the better career? (Stats wise and/or championships.) And most importantly, who has the best first signature shoe? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay tuned to WearTesters for a performance review on both sneakers.


  1. I like both honestly. They’re so affordable. Both are great players and shoes that fit their playing styles. I’m personally ID’ing a pair for both. I can’t barrow down whose sneaker is more pleasing on my eyes so ill leave it up to which sneaker I like better on the court

  2. Maaaan Kyrie just dropped a double nickel last night and Lebron was the “witness”.
    Kyrie no doubt and I’ve been saying he should’ve had his sig before last year’s ASG.

    1. Lol Kyrie has done nothing to deserve a sig at all. If anything harden should’ve had a sig first or even pg. Kyrie is a great player but his defense is non existent and doesn’t make his teammates better. If you want a few highlights then Kyrie is the guy, but if you wanna win he isn’t even in the conversation. 55 is nice though

      1. It’s funny how you dis Kyrie and bomb on his defense and then backdoor with Harden who got ridiculed bad last season for his defense. Rockets are my team and have been for over 20 years too. I’m not saying Harden is not more deserving because I am biased and will say that he is, but your comment is contradicting.

        Offense such dynamic crossovers and high flying dunks is what’s going to sell shoes. Kyrie wrecked in the ASG last season and he can go off at any notice if he wants to.

        1. Harden has actually shown he can be a great defender (okc), and a pretty good defender (this year) , and allstar game numbers are irrelevant. Out of the 3 who’s shoe would you be more likely to buy? I like kyries logo but I’d have to go with a pg or harden sig. But like I said the highlight crossovers every now and then help sell kyries shoes.

        2. harden’s defense has improved quite a bit this year, and he has proven that he CAN play excellent D when he wants to (with OKC, also look at his one-on-one defense against durant and george in those team usa faceoffs), he is playing at another level this year, we’ll see how far the rockets go in the playoffs

          and as far as D goes, it’s not like lillard is any better than kyrie, but the two of them are young and learning…

      2. Kyrie’s defense has improved a lot. For the past 8 straight wins, he’s able to limit opposing PGs to low %FG. The latest encounter with Lillard shows that. Lillard shot only 4/19.

        Don’t reach youngblood. You clearly aren’t watching Kyrie’s games.

  3. Until the Lillard sig releases, we won’t know how it performs vs Kyrie’s sig, which has gotten mostly decent to slightly above average as far as performance reviews I have seen.

    As far as aesthetically, I give the nod, by a hair, to the Lillard 51%-49%. I’d have given the Lillard a much larger nod, but the size of the adidas logo on the heel is a bit gaudy to me. I prefer more symmetry and would want Dame’s logo on both with adidas branding elsewhere on the shoe. The Kyrie sig has actually grown on me and at that price point, it seems even more attractive. Just seems the design was a little uninspiring to me. They aren’t butt ass ugly or anything, just don’t tickle my fancy. The Lillard takes a few more chances, but if that comes at the expense of performance, than it’s all for naught.

    Price point is great for both shoes. To be able to cop both below $120 retail is great for consumers. As far as who is the better player, I think it’s a wash. They both don’t play great defense. At all. That is one area where John Wall has them both eclipsed by leaps and bounds along with playmaking for their teammates, although I think some of their playmaking is held back by the teams they play on and the systems they implement on offense. They both shoot it real nice from 3, with Lillard shooting a little more, but Kyrie a bit more accurate. Lillard is more athletic, but Kyrie’s handle is tighter. Lillard has at least seen the postseason with some success and is one of the top clutch shooters in the game. Irving is not slouch, but hasn’t established himself as a dagger guy in the closing minutes/seconds of a close game. Again, neck and neck as far as how they play.

  4. Lillard will have, and already has, a better career. The basic statistics are approximately a wash between them (Irving shoots a better 3P% only). Lillard is a leader on one of the best teams in the league while Irving’s Cavs have only recently increased from 0.500 basketball and have been garbage in games without Lebron (including this year and the years before he “came home”).

    It’s beginning to look more and more like Irving is just going to be this generation’s Steve Francis or Stephon Marbury.

  5. I prefer Lillard’s shoe and I feel that Damian Lillard is a better all-round player than Kyrie. Dame actually plays defense and distributes pretty well. Although Kyrie is a better offensive player, I think Damian will have a better career. Plus, I hate the Cavs. GO BULLS!

    1. Aside for everything you said after “Plus…,” I essentially echo your comments. Damian also has clutch factor that is remarkable for his age and time in the league. You can’t go wrong with either, but I’d take Dame if I had to.

  6. I would have to go with Kyrie on this one. I love how they implement the Vans Half Cab silhouette for a mid-top feel

  7. dame but I can understand why nike made one for kyrie not for haren, for some reason kyrie is pretty popular

    1. I don’t know why people are acting like that’s not a big deal. Let Jordan score that in his early years before his championships and it’s a dope feat….Oh wait that did happen; 63 in Boston 1986.

    2. Ya and this is the first time since they’ve played head to head that Kyrie had the better game. Dame has owned every meeting before last night. Consistancy over one good game every time

  8. I prefer the Lillards more. Still can’t see what part of Lillards shoe reminds people so much about the WOWs.

  9. Kyrie is the answer to all of those questions hands down. I like lillard too, but all he got is a Roy and one good buzzer beater rn. Nike is being smart about the kyrie too and only making a couple colorways that r quality. Tho I am really excited for customizing the dames

    1. Lol okay one good buzzer beater and roy? That’s it and what exactly has Kyrie done ? Get outta here.

    2. Dame has the most fourth quarter points in the NBA. Plus he has the most game tying and go ahead shots in the last 3 seconds of the game out of every single player in the NBA over the last three years. CLUTCH. Kyrie has a pretty little ASG MVP though so that’s nice plus he’s never made the playoffs. What has dame done…… Oh ya sent the Houston cry babies home in the first round last year with .9 on the clock.

        1. Wow… some of you guys need to come back to earth.

          The dude just dropped 55…. 55!!! on Dame… with a game winner.

          Dame is a great young player. But he’s isn’t a super star guy… yet.

          Look at Team USA from last year.

          Dame got cut…. Kyrie STARTED! …. and was MVP over Stephen, Harden…

          Dame just snubbed out of a all star spot… maybe.

          Kyrie is a hands down all star.

          Both Rookies of the year.

          Kyrie… hands down ; he deserved it.

          Damian… hands down ; he deserved it…. but a guy named Anthony Davis was hurt that season…..

          Dame came into the league to a team that was on the rise.

          Kyrie came to a team that just lost the best today’s NBA has.

          This is weartesters…. Some of you guys talk like you don’t even play the game.

          Comparing Kyrie to Steve Francis… Where do you guys come up with this mess?

          I don’t really care for Kyrie or Damian.

          But this is just dumb…. Damian is good. Kyrie is great.

          I like both shoes. I’m leaning to the Kyrie because I like mid tops.

          But as far as basketball goes,its really close but … Damian is a maybe.

          Kyrie is real. Man lol Do guys watch the games any more?

          Or just highlights of game winning buzzer beaters.

          1. I’ve never seen so many stupid comments and back handed “compliments” in my life. Maybe you should watch some basketball. You wanna talk game winners? Damian hit a game winning 3 on clevland while dropping 36 after hitting a game winner the night before. You wanna talk team USA, anyone with a brain would know the MVP’s of team USA were Kennith Faried and Anthony Davis not kyrie. Kyrie had a good last game after AD and Faried lead team USA to just about every win.
            A team that was on the rise? You mean a team that lost both it’s young players on the rise (Roy, Oden) the team that no one expected to make the playoffs? The team that was so bad Aldrige said he was leaving? Then Damian came along and hits one of the clutch shots in the playoffs of all time? Kyrie hasn’t played with the best but if he is as “real” as you claim he should’ve been able to at least help the cavs make a playoff push when they had Deng, Hawes, Waiters, Thompson and Varejo. Thats more then enough to make a eastern conference playoff push.
            Then you wanna talk about R.O.Y, is it Dames fault AD was out? He averaged 19,6,3. As a rookie! Who exactly was Kyries competition to win it?? Damian has been to the playoffs performed when it matters and is a cold blooded winner. Kyrie hasn’t done any winning except shit like the all star game and USA ball that he didn’t deserve. The cavs are 2-8 without Lebron, you know why? Becuae even with a great team Kyrie can’t get a win. So much stupidity in one comment.

    3. Let’s count Lillard’s game-winning buzzer beaters:

      1 vs the Hornets in his rookie year,
      1 vs the Pistons in the second year,
      1 vs the Cavs the night after the Pistons one,
      and 1 vs Houston to send them to the second round.

      That’s 4, and I’m not even including game-tying buckets. I like Kyrie just as much as Lillard, but at least give Lillard props for being one of, if not the most clutch player in the game right now.

  10. Upset that 4 point guards happened to get their first sigs this year. wish anthony davis got one so big men could rock sig shoes besides Lebrons haha.

    1. you and me both, man, though i’m not a big man myself (i play the two or the three usually), i do play in the post when i play pickup full-court ball every friday (as i did today) because i’m taller and longer than a lot of folks in hong kong, you really do come to see that basketball is becoming more and more of a guard-oriented game, most folks who don’t play organized basketball and watch the NBA don’t even seem to know what the post game in the first place, everything is mid-range step backs, pull up threes in transition or before everybody is in position to run an offensive set, killer crossovers….

      weird to think that once upon a time we had the likes of hakeem (who of course could cross you over or hit you with a hezzie down the baseline), zo, ewing, chuck, malone, david robinson, a young tim duncan, shawn kemp, a young kg, shaq, all playing the game at the same time, all having very different games while playing in the interior, and they could sell sneakers, too, i remember when i was a kid i wanted the kamikazes more than any other shoes in the world, larry johnson’s aero jams, etc.

      anthony davis is a really awesome player, though you can tell a lot of the time that he used to play guard, he can hit that stepback or catch and shoot from anywhere in the key (in much the same way that lamarcus aldridge can), not a lot of players in the league have an array of post moves they can hit you with, i can think of pau, melo, zach randolph, only one of those guys sells sneakers though

  11. Personally, I don’t like the aesthetics of Lillards shoe. I don’t like the Kyrie’s too much either but the Lillards are worse.
    Also Kyrie > Dame easily.

  12. Dames looks classic, Kyries look wild as hell and fits his australian roots.
    Depends on what you like. If Dames shoe had boost though, no competition.

  13. I can’t believe I’m saying this but for once I like Adidas better than Nike. The Kyries just look weird to me. The Lillards look more like actual shoes and have better materials (e.g. the Weber State). I’m slowly but surely getting tired of all that plastic fly wire whatever stuff…

    On who’s the better player: I’m really not sure. I like to watch Kyrie, his game is really smooth. Lillard on the other hand has that killer-instinct. However in the long run the better shooter usually has a better career, which might speak for Kyrie. We’ll see….

  14. Point 1.

    No… Kyrie Irving was MVP. lol Google would have told you that.

    But I did it for you… you know… because it’s clear you upset. lol

    Point 2.

    ” The team that was so bad Aldrige said he was leaving? ” p.s. You spelled Lamarcus’ last name wrong. lol.

    A little typo… but I must troll.

    And Aldridge still may leave in the summer… is it the team… I doubt it. Maybe he just doesn’t like Portland.

    Point 3. (Shout out to Point 3!)

    LeBron did leave Cleveland… lol Just look at the rosters from their rookie years and tell me who had the better team.

    “A team that was on the rise? You mean a team that lost both it’s young players on the rise (Roy, Oden)”

    Yes on the rise… Guys like Nicolas Batum, Wesley Matthews, Robin Lopez (who wasn’t there his rookie year and is now injured) and LaMarcus Aldridge aka their best player were there and just looking for one more part.

    And don’t ever say Porland “lost” Greg Oden… They never had him in the first place. Dude was always in his suit and tie…. and punching chicks on the low. lol

    But B-Roy is still my guy… I’m still sad he went down.

    Point 4.

    ” Kyrie hasn’t played with the best but if he is as “real” as you claim he should’ve been able to at least help the cavs make a playoff push when they had Deng, Hawes, Waiters, Thompson and Varejo. ”

    Coach…. Mike Brown… how this man got a NBA Head Coaching job? Oh yeah… ask LeBron James.
    lol they fired the dude twice. lol

    Deng… Didn’t want to be there. and he isn’t.

    Hawes… Didn’t want to be there. and he isn’t. Plus he sucks.

    Waiters… Was raw… and didn’t want to pass the ball. AKA Black Hole

    Thompson…. Raw… AKA Mister Me No Likely Shoot Ball, Stand And Watch Kyrie.

    Varejao… Pro.. AKA I’m Just Wishin’ LeBron Comes Back!

    If you thought that team was gonna make the playoffs… you “A” Higher than Darrell Arthur… or you just don’t know any better.

    Point 5.

    ” Kyrie hasn’t done any winning except shit like the all star game and USA ball that he didn’t deserve. The cavs are 2-8 without Lebron, you know why? Becuae even with a great team Kyrie can’t get a win. So much stupidity in one comment. ”

    Wow… this is just out there. To say he didn’t deserve something he worked hard for… wow.

    Kyrie (and Damian as well) has done more for the sport than you or I ever will.

    To say someone doesn’t “deserve” something just because it not who you want to win is very immature.

    Win with out LeBron…. lol Why does he have to win with out LeBron? So you can say ” … if lebron played he woulda had like 21 because lebron woulda had the other points.”

    Once again… Your case in this Internet debate is getting weaker every time I read it.

    And Lastly

    Point 6.

    ” Eazy you ️honestly know nothing about basketball. ”

    lol And…you do?!?

    Ok now it is time to put what you “know” to the test.

    Lets talk skills… All I want is to see you shoot one jumper… that’s it.

    If you can make one jumper… I’ll… “make” a half court shot one handed.

    I don’t know what I’m talking about cool… You have 24 hours to prove me wrong. 🙂

    Lastly dude chill out… I thought it should be fun to disagree with people about sports and stuff.

    lol All those typos…. now your next post is going to be about how much you don’t care and your bum knee stopping you from going to the gym.

    I hope everyone sees this. 🙂

    Man… you sure did wake this troll up! lol

    1. ya kyrie’s “rise” is great number wise, still he’s not were Rose was pre injury nor is he at Westbrook’s level. Quite possibly Rose was RoY because Beasely loved weed. Lillard was RoY and is putting up fantastic numbers without a Durant or Lebron. He went on a tear last year while Aldridge was out. He comes from Weber State, quite simply I think the different backgrounds Duke’s hero vs no name school. I love it. Reminds me of Lebron + LightShows+ Nike+ Dancing vs D Rose Not a big “fun” type from 2011. Anyways its about the shoes..

      1. Memphis don’t waste your time he is a Kyrie fan clearly.
        Eazy if you had reading skills you’d see i know he won the MVP of team USA and i said he didn’t deserve it because the real MVP’s wFaried and AD. Kyrie only won it because he had a good last game but he wasn’t the MVP.
        I’m sorry that you feel the need to correct misspells on Wearstesters, I didn’t know i was writing a graded paper.
        He almost certainty isn’t leaving at this point, he has already said he wants to resign.
        Gregs rookie numbers when he was on the court were definitely good so yes he was on the rise.
        I realize Lebron left Cleveland i probably watch more basketball then you, and my point wasn’t that his team was great my point was that if he is as real as you claim he is he should have been able to make some kind of playoff push with a roster like that, but no they continued to lose games and he continued to jack up shot after shot while keeping the same number of assist even though he had more than capable teammates.
        Once again he clearly didn’t deserve the USA MVP. There is nothing immature about it just common sense. Faried got his contract based on his domination and AD was getting talks of being up there with Lebron and KD because of his play.
        Lol why does he have to win without Lebron ? Because if he is so real why can’t he get a W when his team is stacked ?
        I’m not even going to address that stupid joke you tried to make as I’m sure I’m better then you.
        You shouldn’t talk basketball if you know noting about it and try to say people don’t watch basketball. Damian is better than Kyrie in every aspect of basketball. You should google what a troll is btw.

        1. Okay… Memphis truth I agree with you 100%… and I’m from Memphis as well!

          But Jay Jay… You come off as a ” Mr. Know It All “. So… Show me what a basketball god like you knows.

          Like I said… I want you to prove your game to me.

          “Because…. I don’t think you can play.” 🙂

          Show me what you know… Make a video response of you shooting a jumper. And I’ll make a response of me shooting a half court shot… And I’ll shoot a one handed shot from half court as well.

          I don’t know anything… Cool 🙂 Show me what you got!?!

          Or are you just gonna keep on commenting? lol

          It is 6 p.m. here… You have 24 hours.

          P.S. I read all of you comments. Why so angry? And you are what you call others… Kyrie fan? lol Both dudes can play.

          But don’t post any more comments until I see your video…

          Until then…. You’re just all talk.

          ” I didn’t know i was writing a graded paper. ”

          I’m sorry… Long English Comp. classes have made me this way!

          I need help!

          1. What point ? That you changed this conversation to talking bout fucking half court shots and videos ? Your a dumbass

          2. I hope I didn’t offend you or upset you. 🙂 That was not my intention.

            But my point is your immature…

            Childish name calling and Insults… ” Your a dumbass ” ” You sound like a idiot ”

            Afraid… ” you changed this conversation to talking bout fucking half court shots and videos ? ”

            You said… ” I’m sure I’m better then you. ” I say prove it.

            And as I said… ” You’re just all talk. ” and you are. 🙂 My video is coming soon… but I don’t think yours is.

            Using vulgar language doesn’t help your argument… It just shows how tiny your limited vocabulary is.

            Once again you said.

            ” Eazy you ️honestly know nothing about basketball. ” ” I’m sure I’m better then you. ” Then prove it!

            Stop hiding behind your keyboard and put your game on display so everyone can see what and who you are.

            I have nothing to hide… I believe in my game. All I asked for is one jumper. lol And you are to afraid to do that.

            You can comment or talk all you want… But when it comes time for people like to do something… all I get is ” You sound like a idiot I’m done talking to you , fuckin stupid ” lol Someone is afraid. lol

            With your excuses… “excuses are tools of the weak and incompetent.”

            I called you out ” Mr. I Know Everything Because I’m Me!” lol

            It’s not like I can see you…. Hiding behind your keyboard… lol wow… people are soooo soft these days.

            You can comment all you want… but I can guarantee you won’t prove me wrong.

            Just 4 small steps.

            Step 1

            Make a video proving who you are… ” just say your name in the beginning”

            Step 2

            Shoot a jumper.

            Step 3

            Post to Youtube.

            Step 4

            Post link to video here so we all can see who you really are. 🙂

            Or you can keep commenting on how done you are… or how dumb or idiotic I am. ( but I am kinda dumb) lol

            If want to continue with your incohesive , senseless comments then go ahead but…

            This is my last comment until my video is posted here.

            You now have 19 hours… or are you too done.. or am I a cretin, or any other synonym for dumb you can think of.

            What are you going to do? Hide behind your keyboard like I know you will, or will you prove me wrong and make me eat my words?…

            Besides people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

          3. Lol no one is scared of you bitch, this convo is over I found out that I’m arguing with a dumbass and there is no point in talking to you because you are stupid as shit. The fuck I care bout a video ? I know I’m better then you I don’t need to prove it to your bitch ass. Conversation over, go watch some basketball maybe it will help.

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