Exclusive: AsicsTiger Unveils the HyperGel-Lyte, a Gel-Lyte I with Modern Cushioning

When Asics introduced the HyperGel Kenzen in March, the announcement came with new cushioning technology: HyperGel. We hoped that Asics would update its classics with the comfortable new tech and now, the brand has unveiled the HyperGel-Lyte.

The HyperGel-Lyte is exactly what Gene McCarthy, President and CEO of Asics America, told WearTesters to expect when the HyperGel Kenzen launched. While many runners love the classic GEL styles Asics launched in the late-80s and early-90s, the tried-and-true cushioning can be a bit heavy for 2018.

“People want one shoe that they can use for everything — that’s been going on for decades and nobody’s ever nailed it,” Gene McCarthy, President and CEO of Asics America told WearTesters in March. “So what we tried to was take the best running technology that we have right now, GEL, and take it to a different place, HyperGEL. Can you run ten miles in it? Absolutely. Can you just go to the gym in it? Absolutely.”

asicstiger hypergel-lyte womens

Image via @asicstiger

In the past, all Asics shoes that used GEL cushioning contained at least two cushioning units. However, the HyperGel midsole utilizes GEL cushioning beads randomly interspersed within an eTPU midsole to forge a unique one-piece unit.

asics hypergel lyte

Image via @asicstiger

In celebration of 30 years since the debut of the original shoe, Asics has taken the upper from the 1987 Gel-Lyte I and placed it atop a HyperGel midsole to create the HyperGel-Lyte, a supremely modern shoe due to its cushioning and weight (9.9 ounces).

New colorways of the AsicsTiger HyperGel-Lyte (pictured below) will debut on August 31 in Australia and four colorways ($120 each) are scheduled to debut “soon” on the U.S. AsicsTiger.com. The colorful teal and pink HyperGel-Lyte pictured above will debut exclusively at EU retailer Zalando this Friday.

What do you think of the updated HyperGel-Lyte? Sound off in the comments below.

asicstiger hypergel-lyte mens

asics hypergel-lyte mens

asics hypergel-lyte womens 2

asics hypergel-lyte womens 1


Images via AsicsTiger


  1. adding new tech is always interesting way to refresh old designs. one problem tho, the look of the midsole is so terrible.

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