Asics Unveils the GEL-Quantum Infinity; Its First Full Length Gel Cushioned Shoe

The Asics GEL-Quanum is the brand’s first ever runner to feature full length Gel cushioning.

While Gel cushioning is nothing new, this is the first time we’ve seen it implemented full-length.

Aesthetically, they look little like a gummy worm, which are kind of gel-like, but they should provide runners with plenty of cushion under foot.

Asics states the Gel-Quantum features 360-degree GEL® technology to give a “pillow-soft” ride. Weight is listed at 13.76 oz while the heel to toe drop is listed at 21mm in the rear and 14mm in the front. Materials look to be some sort of mesh, but it’s hard to tell as the images can only be enlarged so much before they get grainy.

There are currently 4 colorways available — two for Men and two for Women. You can find both available now at for $180.


  1. I can only imagine if they implemented this tech into basketball sneakers. I might have to try these runners out.

    1. Well, if Asics basketball shoes with foam cost $180, I can only imagine what Asics basketball shoes with gel cost.

        1. With the fake one,maybe

          If its a stolen from the real factory ,it still cost some money(about 40 to 50 percent of the real price)

          But ,its still quite rare,as the factory security now are quite tight,so while the goods are sometimes goes to the market it will not be as much as one might expected

  2. Wait a second… Like an actual full-length GEL? Or just like that knit Quantum GEL on the sides and EVA through the middle? They certainly have my attention, but still it’s gonna take a year til this shoe is available in a decent price.

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