ASICS Launches the HyperGel Kenzen

ASICS has officially launched its latest lifestyle sneaker: the HyperGel Kenzen.

The HyperGel Kenzen flaunts an entirely knit build that rides atop an eTPU midsole (nearly identical to Boost in look but not feel). In creating a sneaker that does both performance and casual, ASICS hopes to reinvigorate its brand image and appeal to more than just the serious runner.

The tech is interesting, and a first for Asics. The eTPU is infused, randomly, with Asics’ tried-and-true Gel cushioning, which means that each pair’s midsole has a unique look. This addition of Gel also makes for a midsole that is firmer and more stable than something like adidas’ Boost.

Impact absorption feels like the cushion’s primary focus and you can feel that once you break the shoe in a bit. Meanwhile, the upper is simply comfortable; it’s a super stretchy knit with a laceless enclosure that looks sleek in most colorways. You may want to consider going a half size up, and if you’re a wide footer, one full size up is the recommendation of our editor.

To learn more about the latest from Asics check out the detailed look video above. The Asics HyperGel Kenzen will debut tomorrow, March 20, at in both men’s and women’s colorways for $130.

We have more coverage on the HyperGel Kenzen on Instagram (@WearTesters) and we’ll have more here shortly.

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