Meet the Asics DynaFlyte, its Lightest Shoe Ever

Coming in at 270 grams (0.60 LBS), the Asics DynaFlyte is the company’s lightest shoe ever. Equipped with what Asics is calling ‘FlyteFoam’, the brand claims that this is its most advanced cushion setup to date. With over 300 prototypes tested, Asics is finally ready to put its money where its mouth is.

Asics is known for its running shoes and it’s continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible for running sneakers. The DynaFlyte looks like another great addition to the Asics family and we look forward to testing a pair for ourselves here at WearTesters.

Look for the DynaFlyte to hit in both mens and women’s sizing soon.


  1. These look awesome from a tech standpoint. Can’t wait to see what the Dynaflyte and Flytefoam midsole is like. Agree with Nene33 on the colorway though. I love Asics’ shoes, but don’t like a lot of their colorways.

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