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Under Armour Highlight Receiver Glove Performance Review

The brand that reinvented the T-shirt has also reinvented the football glove.

Under Armour Highlight Receiver Glove Performance Review

The gloves appear very different than the normal Velcro-strap wielding gloves, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a person who has played football for 7 years and has always used Nike gloves (most recently the Vapor 2.0’s), the Under Armour UA Highlight Gloves were a breath of fresh air, literally (see venthilation).

UA 2


The Under Armour UA Highlight touts what the brand calls, “ultra-sticky Armour GrabTack,” which is supposed to give you the, “best ball-control on the field”. This may seem like the usual brand jibber-jabber, but, after using these gloves for around 3 weeks, the only words that come to mind when trying to describe the ball-control in regards to these gloves would be ultra-sticky. The gloves make you feel like you are Spider-man on the field, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Note; gloves will not make you go from Joe Schmoe to Calvin Johnson, you have to do that yourself)


UA 5

(Please hold all paleness comments until the end)


The glove’s palm is covered in small holes, and the outer portion of the glove has many mesh areas to ensure heat is leaving the glove. The glove allow heat to escape masterfully, leaving your hands as dry as possible.

UA 7




The UA Highlight features Under Armour’s Compfit in the lower portion of the glove, which goes around the wrist (where a strap would normally go). The Compfit technology allows the wrist to have full range of motion, which normal gloves featuring straps do not allow. The fit on the glove was near perfect, with little slippage and a very small hand-to-glove ratio. The only way to describe the UA highlight’s fit would be that it fits, “like a glove”.


UA 4


The durability may be the glove’s only weakness. After a few rigorous practices, the glove had a minor scratch on it, which could be seen on the inside and outside of the glove. However, the scratch did not form a hole, and has not in the 7on7 games and practices since.



The glove retails at $55 dollars, which is pricey for many high-school ballers, however, they can be found now on sale at almost any retailer for $30.



Overall, the Under Armour UA Highlight receiver gloves were an extremely excellent purchase. There are virtually no flaws in the glove, especially with them being on sale now. You can purchase them online here for $55 dollars in a white colorway, or for $42 in a red or blue colorway, or in-store at Academy for $30.



  1. What gloves to players wear in cold temperatures? Below zero type temps? I’m interested in getting something like that to use at work if they’re suitable. I don’t know where to start though as I don’t play Football. Can someone give me some names of gloves to look at for cold temps?

  2. What’s the grip like if the gloves get wet or get dust on them? Because a lot of gloves like this lose all grip once that happens

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