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Ever wonder what the Under Armour Curry 3 is made of? We’ve got you covered.

This was the most difficult shoe to deconstruct. The glue UA used to keep the shoe together was incredibly strong. However, I was finally able to get the shoe taken apart to see what was inside — pretty interesting to say the least.

Our findings were confirmed with Under Armour so everything you see within the video is accurate.

We hope you enjoy the latest Know Your Tech featuring the UA Curry 3 and if you were interested in the shoe you can get ahold of them at ShoePalace.com.


    1. This confused me as well as the Charged/Micro G part others have mentioned. The backside of the “wings” are revealed to be carbon fiber, or at least some type of woven composite.

    2. Actually, someone burned it and verified that they are carbon fiber. The Curry 3zer0 are with TPU. I think the video is kind of misleading.

  1. I love the concept of the video. I think I’m most shocked that the forefoot is micro G, especially after every review I saw said charges foam throughout

  2. Kinda interested now that Micro G is used more than Charged, and especially that the price has been cut.

  3. I would be interested in trying these, but the tech used doesn’t change what most reviews say: the cushioning is pretty wack (if you’re used to more plush setups). Playing in them, feeling how firm they are while playing, and thinking “well at least they’re Micro G” won’t make them feel any better.

    I’d rather go for the BrandBlack Rare Metals or Thunders for around the same price…

    1. That’s true, but I play in aftermarket insoles anyway, so maybe the plushness of those will offset the firmness of the shoe’s cushion. I’ll have to try them on in the store before I buy them.

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