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ANTA’s Latest Outdoor Basketball Shoe is Called The Dagger 2

ANTA’s The Dagger 2 is its latest model focused on outdoor basketball. It utilizes the brand’s latest cushion system.

Sporting a unique look and its new A-Flashfoam midsole cushion, the ANTA The Dagger 2 looks like a promising on-court model.

The traction looks a bit weird but it may perform at a high level. Materials appear to be completely synthetic but should prove to be durable and more supportive that a textile.

ANTA’s A-Flashfoam is used full-length and this foam is wonderful. It’s fully exposed, unlike the KT4 where it’s caged on the lateral side, so I wonder if this is a firmer version of the foam or if the design team feels the added support from the upper (synthetic instead of knit) will keep you on the footbed — thus removing the need for the lateral cage. Its heel is contained with a large TPU heel counter than extends to the outsole giving the shoe an interesting look while beefing up rear stability.

The ANTA The Dagger 2 is available now in various color options at ShopAnta.com for $85 for anyone interested. We likely won’t do a performance review on this model but it should be similar to the ANTA KT4 featured in the video above.

Share your thoughts on the ANTA The Dagger 2 below and let us know if you’ve tried out ANTA’s A-Flashfoam.

Images via ShopAnta.com

  1. If it had a better upper I might be interested. I hate synthetics like that. They rarely fit my foot correctly and they look super cheap. Good price though

  2. I need to try out one of these outdoor antas one day. Durable outsoles with a comfy, shock absorbing cushion are the ideal traits for an outdoor shoe, and they seem to have a couple models like that.

    Also- maybe its the professional photography, but these shoes look pretty good to me, much better than the lebro…I mean kt4.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Not too excited about the upper materials. Looking forward to trying out Anta’s new cushioning sometime soon. So far I’m the most excited to try the KT4 lows when they release.

  4. Been checking this site for a while now. They have some kt4 colorways that famuji dont have at the moment. Only thing that stops me from buying is there is no review or what so ever about the site. But since you gave them a plug on your platform it means that they’re legit. Really keen to try the cushioning Thanks man! #InNightwingWeTrust #NightwingKnows

  5. I reeeaally hope nightwing gives this shoe a performance review. I ALWAYS ball outdoors so outdoor-focused shoes always catch my attention. I never buy shoes without consulting this awesome site. #nightwingknows

  6. they don’t look very breathable and I’m not feeling the colourways but they do look like they’d perform well, I guess the proof is in the wearing!

  7. I really dig what they have here. Not a fan of full synthetic uppers. Would be nice to have leather panels or sections, but they are not bad looking at all. Really dig the colorways, and overall looks like a great shoe.

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