Anta Unveils Upcoming Colorways of Klay Thompson’s KT4

Now that the KT4, Klay Thompson’s next sneaker with Chinese brand Anta, is official the company has unveiled what’s coming for the silhouette — and how fans can get involved.

Anta has several new looks coming for the KT4 — just look at that red leather KT4 Lux — as well as familiar styles fans of the line will recognize. Due to its knit upper, the KT4 is quite versatile in how it can be colorblocked; some of the colorways unveiled use graphic abstract patterns (that lend themselves to knit) that bleed onto the A-FlashFoam midsoles while others highlight the tooling.

The brand has also announced a creative giveaway in which fans can color their own KT4’s for a chance to have that design produced. Fans will vote on the best designs and two winners will receive the latest pair of the KT4.

For a detail look and review of the Anta KT4 check out Nightwing2303’s video below. Expect the full performance review in the coming weeks.

The new Anta KT4 ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ (pictured below) has just released at FamujiSneaker for $125 in sizes 6.5 to 12.5.



klay thompson anta kt4 still waters run deep

anta kt 4 still waters run deep klay thompson

anta kt 4 still waters run deep klay thompson

klay thompson anta kt4 still waters run deep


Images courtesy of FamujiSneaker


  1. Actually, 4 is by no means a lucky number in China or Chinese culture. In fact, it’s a number that is routinely avoided because the word for 4 sounds the same as the word for death. If ever possible you’ll see the number 4 avoided (ie probably won’t have events planned on a day that includes a ‘4’, and hotels often don’t have a 4th floor).

    1. That’s interesting. I remember seeing something about that when I was looking at fitness watches. Garmin went straight from 3 to 5 for the Fenix line of watches for this reason supposedly.

  2. I guess it would be weird if they didn’t use number 4 in his fourth shoe, regardless of beliefs,

    Imagine skipping directly from 3 to 5, along with the fact they entered the american market,

    But overall the show looks nice, will try my luck on that shoe color design contest, thanks for the head’s up!!

    Free shoe ^^

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