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ANTA Unveils The KT Fire | Klay Thompson’s Signature Shoe

ANTA and Klay Thompson unveil Klay’s 1st signature sneaker, the ANTA KT Fire. Not much was said in terms of pricing and availability, but they’ll be affordable for those that are able to obtain ANTA Basketball shoes regularly… specifically those in China. Maybe there will be some Stateside releases, but as of now this is all that’s known.

  1. Glad to see these guys blowing off the swoosh to get the recognition and signature shoes they deserve. I’d take Curry and Klay over Kyrie any day.

  2. The rumor I heard is: KT Fire is only a team signature model (like lebron soldiers). Klay will get his real signature shoes at the end of the year.

      1. Yep, yet they are dominating them in terms of $$$ in China, so in their eyes they probably see no reason to change.

    1. Ya, Anta has trouble interpreting their product and what a sig is. It was the same with parsons. He wore a team shoe the first season and now has his signature.

  3. So basically ANTA wants to maybe try and capture some of the American market by getting some NBA players, but in the end no one will end up buying them because you can’t really get them anywhere except in China?

    And Klay gets his “look I have my own shoe” and the money for it.

    I know its nice and all and it’ll probably make sense from ANTA’s and Klay’s perspective, but it’s going to be such a niche. (ignoring the possibility that basketball shoes as a whole might be a niche)

    1. They get the NBA players to help themselves in China. Not too worried about the US..They sell in really all of Asia, and some Europe…Still a huge market without the US. Right now, entering the US would be a huge mistake for them as their quality isn’t up to US standards.

  4. Klay deserves his own shoes based on how he plays and also based on how much he has improved compared to last season, it only shows hardwork during the offseason is good for any player as seen in Butler’s game of the bulls.

    And with Anta signing more NBA players, expecting them to enter the US market soon.

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