ANTA Launches Customization Options for the KT2

In a move we never saw coming, ANTA just launched ANTAUni — ANTA Unique — which allows consumers to fully customize the ANTA KT2.

This is not available for U.S. customers which is a bummer, but those that reside in China can customize the ANTA KT2 right now.

Options are pretty decent in terms of color application but the available colors are limited. There are no material options so the fuse and screen mesh are all you’ll have to work with for now. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you can see from the beauty shots below.

As I’ve always said, colorways can make or break a sneaker design. It just takes one nice color to turn you around and when you can create your own colorway that helps quite a bit.

If you’re Stateside (or anywhere else) you can check out the ANTAUni experience by clicking here. Hopefully this comes to the States as I’ve been down to create my own ANTA KT2.

Thank you to @xiaoyiwidi for the heads up!


ANTAUni shots via @conkeror21


  1. Wow, this is awesome. I think all brands should have their own customization options *cough* underarmour *cough*

    Tried out the site, it’s a little confusing bc its mostly chinese, but I’ve figured a few things out :
    When you click the link to the page, click on the shoe that should be in a white box
    There are three headers in Chinese, click the left one
    Then you can pretty much start designing, and it’s pretty nice imo

  2. Also, when you click a specific part to customize, to get back to the previous page you click the orange bar at the bottom, just a tip

  3. Wish they could bring this to the US, but they probably don’t have enough of a foothold here to implement this efficiently here.

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