The ANTA KT4 ‘Disrupt’ Lifestyle Shoe is Available Now

The ANTA KT4 ‘Disrupt’ lifestyle shoe is now available, and it’ll cost you a pretty penny.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the ANTA KT4 on-court, the lifestyle edition dubbed the ANTA KT4 ‘Disrupt’ is one that I’m not loving aesthetically.

While I appreciate the nod to the ’90s and its display of multiple overlays in great materials — it’s all a bit too much. However, I’m sure there are plenty of people that see these and have fallen in love. For those people, I hope you’re ready for this.

The ANTA KT4 ‘Disrupt’ is available now in two colorways but it’ll cost you $195. Did you hear that? I apologize. My sh*t hit the fan.

I wasn’t sure what to expect the shoe to retail at when it was originally leaked, but it sure wasn’t $200. ANTA has some great products at some great prices, but this is definitely pushing the limit. I wonder if the shoe retails for the same amount in China. If anyone reading is in the China area I’d love to hear what the actual retail price is. Whether that be $200 or possibly another price.

For big ballers that may want to grab a pair you can find them available now at


  1. They look like a 80s to 90s Reebok basketball shoe, in a good way. Only if the price was like an 80s to 90s Reebok basketball shoe

  2. I like everything about the design. I just HATE the shape and silhouette.
    I mean, color, the wacky pattern, the cool details, even the classic materials work…. but the overall shape of the shoe is Trash.

  3. I am sorry, but I bought these KT4 ‘Disrupt’ from Anta online store in Taobao for just about $90us at pre-sale.

  4. I honestly anticipated buying a pair, but $190….seems like other overseas retailers are asking that. I don’t think they really can command that at all. That’s not to hate on ANTA, because indeed some of their flagship performance models are pretty good, but just to pop up with this is quite a jump.

    Then again, Li-Ning has been pushing from Fashion Week event products at high prices too. I don’t think these brands are acting like “oh we’re good for this”, but straight up trying to push/test the waters. The more they do it, the less shock factor, but of course it could do nothing for them if no one buys into it.

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