ANTA KT4 | Detailed Look and Review

ANTA and Klay Thompson have officially launched the KT4 overseas and we’ve got a pair in-hand to show you all the details.

I started testing the ANTA KT4 after this video review was recorded and I’m very happy with the shoe on-court (many more details to come in the performance review).

The ANTA KT4 offers a full-length A-Flashfoam that is very bouncy underfoot. Initially, I thought it was a PU based foam, but after further inspection I’m starting to wonder if its ANTA’s own version of an ETPU that brands like adidas, Puma, and Li-Ning are currently using.

The upper is comprised of a full knit but the design looks nearly identical to that of the Nike LeBron 15. Visually, I do like how both shoes look. However, I’d prefer that the ANTA KT4 had its own aesthetic identity — especially since we’re in an age where the majority of comments nowadays are “the shoe looks like…”

If you were looking to try a pair of the ANTA KT4 out yourself you can grab the shoe now at Famuji Sneaker — use code WEARTESTERS for a small discount at checkout.


  1. Hello Nightwing..I got the lebron 15 ashes.. size 11 which is a bit long on my toe.. and I got the anta kt3(blue/yellow) size 12 is way to big. So i got my self a anta kt3 red passion size 11 and a bit snug. But once you break it in fits fine.
    .Now my question is those the Anta kt4 has the same insole on the kt3 which is really bouncy really like it. I’m a bit curious on the fit on the kt 4. Since anta dont have a half size. Normally I use size 11.5 which is the right fit for me..I just wanted to be clear if the kt4 sz. 11 is a good fit? Is it same with the LBJ 15? Or same as the kt3 in size 11.
    Anta America is the only site I can found has a size 12..


  2. Hi Nightwing, I cant wait for your performance review especially on the fit aspect. I got Kt3 playoff in size 11 and its a little bit long for me but still ok. Now that I’m rooting for this kt4, i hope i will get the correct size this time with this shoe. I hope it would be as snug fit as the crazy explosives 2017 PK and as plushy as the kt3 lows.


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