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The Anta KT3 is Now Available in More Colorways

ANTA KT3 New Colorways

Three new looks just became available for those wishing to try out the Anta KT3.

It didn’t take long to get more color options of the Anta KT3. While some of us are still waiting for a Warriors colorway to release, we’re pretty sure these three new looks will please some fans of the line.

The “Make it Rain” colorway should be familiar to fans of the KT2, and it’s back cleaner than ever this time around. Sporting the lightening graphic through the translucent outsole rather than on the upper, this colorway stunts with a fade from light blue to dark blue at the heel.

Bright orange is used on the KT3 “On Fire” to showcase Thompson’s ability to heat up on the floor at a moments notice.

Lastly, we have the “KT for Three” and this is the only colorway we’ve seen that replaces the knitted upper with a synthetic. This version should provide the wearer with a slightly better fit throughout. If you’re not a fan of knitted materials and want something durable then this will be your option.

All three of these new Anta KT3 colorways are available now at Famuji Sneaker. You can use promo code weartesters at checkout for a small discount.

ANTA KT3 New Colorways


  1. I’m waiting on my Get Hot;Stay Hot to come in the mail. Slept on that coupon, though. The makeup of this shoe is very intriguing with the knit + dynamic lacing + torsional setup.

    but seems like in due time, Chinese companies might be winning more widespread popularity. They clearly can access the premium materials (the Wade line has had awesome CF sculpting early on), and they’re getting better designers.

    That’s not to say US-local stuff is all garbage, but how many times do we have to look to the next typical team and signatures? It seems like more and more people come up just to complain about upcoming pairs and I’d think more people are catching onto the sense of just getting already-capable yesteryear models for less, and that kills the excitement.

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