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ANTA KT3 Low Performance Review

Anta KT3 Low Performance Review

Could the Anta KT3 get any better? Maybe, if you made it into a low. That’s where the KT3 Low comes in.

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Anta KT3 Low Performance Review traction

Traction on the Anta KT3 Low is identical to that of its higher cut counterpart. It utilizes what looks like a finger print pattern — à la the Air Jordan XX3 — and like other circular patterns, it works wonderfully. When patterns are circular you end up with multi-directional coverage that covers almost any move the wearer can throw at it.

Widely spaced grooves made wiping the outsoles during games a rare phenomenon. In fact, it was even rarer on the translucent rubber version even though that outsole attracted the most dust. Not sure why, but I had a slightly better experience in the clear rubber pair. That doesn’t take anything away from the solid rubber version, which was very good, but this is one of the few times that I can say that the clear-soled version performed a bit better. Same courts and conditions, slightly different results.

Anta KT3 Low Performance Review cushion

Cushion in the KT3 Low is also unchanged between it and its higher cut counterpart.

It’s very similar setup to what was used in the KT2, which Anta was calling ANTA-EVE, but I’m not sure if that name is still floating around. However, the implementation here is pretty much the same; Anta used an EVA midsole with two different density foam pads in the heel and forefoot. In terms of feel, these aren’t as plush or bouncy as the KT2. This time around it feels like the forefoot area heavily focuses on court feel while the heel focuses on impact protection. I don’t use my heel that often but if it ever hits the ground it’d be covered.

There is a noticeable heel to toe drop in the KT3. Most shoes have one but I rarely ever notice it when it comes to basketball shoes. Runners are pretty noticeable, but hoop shoes not so much. This didn’t negatively affect things as far as performance or transition, but it was just a little weird at first because it isn’t what I’ve come to expect over the years. You will get used to the feeling pretty quickly, it’s just something worth noting.

This is also the first true decoupled midsole setups we’ve had since Jordan Brand’s Air Jordan XX8, XX9, and XXX (30). If you’ve loved how a decoupled tooling setup feels then you already know how wonderful it is on-court. It offers the wearer complete range of motion without sacrificing any support.

Anta KT3 Low Performance Review materials

Materials have been very basic for the KT line up until now. While we’ve seen Anta use knitted materials on the KT1 and KT2, the materials were only used on the post season model. In the Anta KT3 Low we get knitted uppers right from the jump — and I love it.

The low top and Playoff edition of the KT3 offer more ventilation in the forefoot of the shoe versus the original high top (the one with the removable strap). Other than that one addition, the materials are identical and play identically.

The materials have been durable and comfortable right out of the box, all while being supportive. The knit is not free of glue and there is nylon backing it, but if you’ve played in the Nike Kobe 10 Flyknit and enjoyed the materials there then you’ll love the materials here because they aren’t as stiff as the Kobes.

Anta KT3 Low Performance Review fit

The KT3 Low fits true to size. The extra volume in the toe that I experienced in the original model is gone in the low tops, thankfully. While it was never a deal breaker for me when wearing the mids, the lows just fit and feel a bit better.

Lockdown was great, as it was on the higher cut version. With the useless strap removed, as well as the excess material at the collar, the KT3 Low offers a much nicer fitting experience from heel to toe. Anta even added an internal sleeve that gives you a bit of compression around your foot — a great feeling that I enjoyed. Additionally, heel pillows were added in the rear to ensure there was no heel slippage with the lower cut collar. Smart move, ANTA. Smart move.

Anta KT3 Low Performance Review support

I had nothing to complain about with the support in the KT3 and the same goes for the KT3 Low. Everything you need is there and it all works well. Klay Thompson is a shooter, but he’s also much more than that. He’s a lockdown defender and needs to remain mobile while being supported. This shoe covers all the bases. Whether you’re a mobile player or a spot up shooter, the Anta KT3 Low will be able to handle whatever you throw at it.

Anta KT3 Low Performance Review overall

While I loved the Anta KT3, I really love the KT3 Low. The shoe hasn’t left my gym bag since I started wearing it; it’s right next to my Kobe 1 Protro just in case I run into a gym floor that no shoe will grip — because this shoe somehow finds a way to provide me with traction no matter what. “Mr. Reliable” is the best way to describe the Anta KT3 Low. It does everything well and it doesn’t fall short in any one category.

The Anta KT3 Low retails for under $100 — that makes the shoe one of the best bang for your buck options available at the moment.

Anta KT3 Low Performance review scores

  1. I found the collar notably “free” feeling. Not like, loose, but there’s no stiff lining there. Everything indeed feels a little bit better aside from the tooling (since that’s identical)

    I think the main upside is the simplicity. I’m always trying to keep flat laces from twisting, and the high becomes a bit of a chore to lace up. For both cuts, I’m not sure why Anta laces in a reverse pattern. I switched it back to the typical arrangement.

  2. I checked out the website linked to pickup a pair and I’m having some issues with sizing. I’m normally a size 10 US in Nike but they don’t have that available. Noticed that US10 isn’t available in any other model listed either.

    Weird thing is that it goes up in the correct increments for CM sizing. Any recommendations for the right fit?

    1. Asked the same question in the ‘ANTA KT3 Low Review’ video, they said, ” You could try and see how they fit. If there’s a little extra room you can stack another insole inside the shoe to take up that space. ”

      Or you can buy from the Anta America website, they have size 10 there.

      PS. this is the reason why I havent bought one yet, wish it was available in-store so we could try it on

  3. My KT3 Playoff Away Hi’s came today. My first Anta shoe ever. First impression is super impressed. I normally like a much more plush cushion but I’m actually excited to play in these. Tempted to get some lows now also.

  4. Hello,

    does someone know where you can buy these shoes in size 13? Everywhere i look the biggest size is 12…

    Thank you

      1. Fellow size 13 and I don’t believe Anta sells the KT3 nor KT3 Lows in size 13 (highest size in the 3 highs have been size 12.5.) If I were you Domantas I’d just settle for the KT2s (currently on sale and a damn great shoe in its own right.) Only thing that it lacks compared to these are the materials imo but I have them with the fuse and throughly enjoy them (they also have a knit version in his champion ones/KT2 Lows both on sale now, just not our size in the lows haha.) Hope this helps! Just go to eBay or Anta America and you’ll find your size in the KT2s.

  5. What a fantastic looking shoe, and GREAT colorway I might add. The color makeups will most def get that attention, and I can see serious possibilities in certain makeups. I tried to get that Black Panther makeup, but they did not come in size 14. I was disheartened. Hopefully I will find a pair down the road somewhere, as I hear that Thompson himself wears a size 14.

  6. I owned 2 ANTA KT2 Outdoor Low and using CM for sizing. 26.5CM/EU42.5 and it is very accurate with one small finger gap.I am looking forward to order these(High and Low version) from Taobao

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