ANTA KT Light 3 Detailed Look and Review

The latest within ANTA’s Klay Thompson line, the KT Light 3, has arrived.


The latest trainer from ANTA is the KT Light 3 (or KT3 Light). Much like the models before it, this pair is meant for training purposes rather than all-out gameplay.

Sporting a knitted upper with built-in ventilation, an internal “T bar” torsional support shank, wicked traction, and A-Shock cushion that’ll leave you shocked — yes, it’s that comfortable — the ANTA KT Light 3 should make whoever purchases a pair happy. Well, it should make their feet happy.

After trying the original model out on-court, I won’t be doing the same with these, but the information provided within the review should give you enough to make a decision whether or not these are for you. Some people don’t mind playing in a shoe like this, as it all comes down to personal preference, but this isn’t something I prefer in a shoe. Traction, materials and cushion are all great — but the fit and support leave a bit to be desired (for me) if I were to hoop in them.

Let us know your thoughts on the ANTA KT Light 3 below and if you were interested in trying a pair you can use code WEARTESTERS for a small discount at Famuji Sneakers.

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