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Yes, Klay Thomspon and the Warriors are headed to the Finals. Yes, the Rio Olympic Games are beginning soon (although it’s disgusting that they’re even happening in Rio). And yes, it will probably be difficult to get ahold of the Anta KT 1 USA in the States (if it releases at all) but Nick Engvall reminded Twitter about something yesterday:

When the Games do open, Anta may have the KT 1 on the feet of one of the most famous basketball players in the world with all eyes on him (the official twelve-man roster isn’t out yet, should be in late June). This Anta KT 1 USA does the ‘Murica theme tastefully with a vibrant inner lining, white upper, and marbled outsole. The dark red Klay logos are great touches. There is no word on retail price or release information yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

I happen to really like the Anta KT 1. It’s a solid performer at a very solid price, and brands like Anta, Li-Ning, and PEAK have been offering good to decent tech for less, forcing the bigger brands to adjust some of their pricing.

So, what do you think about the Anta KT 1 USA? Tasteful? Not? Sound off below.

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WATCH: ANTA KT 1 Performance Review

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  1. Definitely this CW makes the KT1 looks damn good. I have never wore any Anta sneakers but they must be good enough for Klay to have a healthy, all-star maybe all-nba season and definitely memorable post-season.

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