ANTA KT 1 – Performance Review

ANTA’s biggest star, Klay Thompson, gets his first signature sneaker dubbed the ANTA KT 1, but how does it stack up against other signature models? Only one way to find out.


Traction - KT 1 Cushion KT 1 Materials KT 1 Fit KT 1 Support KT 1 Overall KT 1 KT 1 Score Card


  1. cushion: “for 100$ they’re up there with the best of them.” – what about the full lenght bounce from the d lillard 2 for 105$?

  2. I wonder if someone leaked an image of the Jordan 30 to the people at Anta. Net design looks familiar.

  3. Jarron are you doing a performance review on the Kb mentality? Also sounds like a great bang for your buck model. Great review btw.

  4. Great review, these days most shoes are priced higher than their worth, and rarely(only the Lillard 2 comes to mind) priced lower than their worth.
    These just hit the spot, solid, proper, at a $100.

  5. I cant read the FIT section. seems to be jumbled and out of order, for me at least.

    just figured it out. theres a left and right column. it was almost impossible to notice. especially bc theres blue highlighted text that lines up on both sides in the 2nd row. just a heads up- that needs a bigger space between the columns or something to make it obvious

    1. Lol I also had to reread it. The spacing was so close together it did not look like columns at first.

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