ANTA KT 1 | Detailed Look and Review

The ANTA KT 1 will be officially unveiled next weekend, but WearTesters is able to provide you with a detailed look and review of the shoe prior to the unveiling event.

The model is currently being wear-tested — if you follow me on Instagram or the WearTesters FaceBook page then you already have performance updates — so stay tuned for the upcoming performance review.

This is Klay Thompson’s very first signature model, and the first time ANTA is attempting a retail launch here in the States. If it’s successful then we hope to see them release more of their NBA athletes’ signature models in the years to come. We’ve already wear-tested and reviewed a few of their older Rondo models, and this is definitely their best shoe to date in terms of performance.

Check out the review below and share your thoughts on the KT 1 in the comment section.


  1. If these perform at a $130 shoe level for $80 I really hope that can bring some positive influence from a price standpoint. Especially after that Adidas “we have to increase our prices because we have to pay our Chinese factories $2 instead of $1 an hour” statement a few days ago. (Yeah I don’t really believe Adidas there).

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