Anta America Quietly Releases the Anta KT3 Low ‘Bloodthirsty’, a PE for Zach LaVine

A PE originally made for Zach LaVine has been turned into the Anta KT3 Low ‘Bloodthirsty’.

It looks like Zach LaVine was closer to signing with Anta than most of us thought. Production began on a PE version of Klay Thompson’s signature sneaker — the KT3 Low — but minds must have changed. There are only a few options at that point when you’re a sneaker brand: recycle the shoes, trash them, or sell them anyway.

This version of the Anta KT3 Low has now been dubbed ‘Bloodthirsty’ and sports a Black/Red color scheme, perfect for the Chicago Bulls. The initials “ZL” can be seen on the tongue in place of the usual KT3 logo. Tech specs and materials are all the same as the regular KT3 Lows.

The Anta KT3 Low is a fantastic on-court performer — performance review coming very soon — and we highly recommend the shoe. It is probably the closest thing to the Air Jordan XX8 and XX9 that is currently available.

If you wanted to own this PE then you can find them now in limited sizes at

Images via Anta America


  1. You compare these to the xx8s cushion wise too? I know you said “the closes thing to”, but unlocked zoom vs. a-hybrid foam pad (possibly double stacked in the heel, sure, but the forefoot cushion is what my knees are mostly concerned about)? if you really think these come even close to the xx8 or xx9, I’m buying ‘em right away..

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