Another Look at the Jordan Jumpman Pro in Black/White – Gold

The Jumpman Pro is back in Retro form and the OG Black/White – Gold colorway is among the lineup.

I’ll admit, this wasn’t my favorite colorway of the Jordan Jumpman Pro back in 1997. It was actually my least favorite. However, we haven’t seen this colorway since ’97 and that’s given me plenty of time to warm up to them. If I see any OG colorway of the Jumpman Pro in-store it’s an auto-cop from me. Once they hit outlets then I’ll probably grab another pair just in case it takes 20 years to see them again.

The Black/White – Gole edition of the Jordan Jumpman Pro is popping up at random Foot Locker locations around the States so if you’re interested in hunting down a pair then start heading to your local Foot Locker locations.

Images Via @SneakerDave


    1. I have a video on them that I’m reluctant to make live. Some will take it as me whining, others will say I’m brand bashing. Haven’t decided if I’m going to make live just yet.

  1. Need a pic of the back. I want to know if the jumpman under the pull tab is stitched or in a little bubble like the OGs. Well the kids OG had a bubble which I had. Just not sure with the adult size OG. Hopefully has the little bubble. Last I remember the last retro version was stitched.

  2. I just saw that finishline already has these 20% off online. Like you, the black and red ones were the first Jordan I ever bought myself, passed up on the 12’s cause they were just a little too much money for me then. Would you pick up with pair at 20% off or are they still not worth it in your opinion at that price.

  3. I really want those black-white color. I live in Thailand. I’m not sure they will be imported. Are they available now in US?

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