Another Look at the Upcoming adidas D Rose 10

Perhaps our best look yet at the upcoming adidas D Rose 10.

Derrick Rose was spotted wearing a triple black sneaker that was speculated to be the D Rose 10. With this recent batch of images leaked from China, they look to be just that as the rear heel tab states “Rose 10”.

The shoe itself is interesting and almost look like something that would have released around 2010 more than something releasing in 2019.

Its build is very reminiscent of the recent D Rose 1.5 Retro. The collar looks like adidas’ current design language but the upper aesthetic, and what looks to be a SprintFrame, is something longtime adidas/D Rose fans have seen before. Cushion should be Bounce as we just saw it used on last year’s D Rose 9. Traction is a mixture of herringbone and a spiral pattern — two patterns we usually enjoy. However, the pattern looks to be very tightly spaced so dust may end up being a problem.

Release information and official confirmation from adidas Hoops has yet to be released so this can still be a different model, although unlikely.

Let us know your thoughts on what we believe to be the adidas D Rose 10 below and stay tuned for official information and news as soon as it arrives.

Images via @street8oy/HUPU


  1. Things that I’m not into at the moment are that it appears to sit high and those “window” sections might be mere perforations at best. I wouldn’t be surprised if these feel cheap in hand. The 9 gave the early impression that it could be nice despite the simple build.

    Technically this 10 looks like a borderline low cut. You just have that one extra eyelet.

    Still, might do it for Derrick. Black/red pair compliments the 1.5 retro. I think per his contract this is last continuation of his line. And I guess the rest will be retro pairs, although the one of the more significant ones already dropped.

  2. this has me really excited. I was in two minds seeing the leaked black colourway images. But sfter having seen these I definitely want to save up and pick up a pair or two!

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