Another Look at the Nike Air Force Max Low

Another look at the Nike Air Force Max Low shows off its traction.

The upcoming Nike Air Force Max Low looks to be a promising performer now that we have a full look at the shoe from nearly every angle.

We are still unsure if the shoe will feature forefoot cushion, but the rear very clearly showcases Nike’s Air Max 180 unit. Textiles and straps makeup the build while the traction may be the star of the show.

The trim of the outsole features a blade traction pattern that covers multiple directions while the interior utilizes multiple nubs that should create a lot of friction under-foot while playing indoors. I will say the outsole doesn’t look like it’d be durable outdoors, but if you play primarily indoors then this may be a shoe to consider.

Release information and pricing are currently unknown but once we see then on a release calendar we’ll be sure to update you.

via US11


  1. Kinda looks like an update of the ’93 Force Max that Chuck and the Fab Five made famous.

  2. Does Air Max really feel good under foot? I have only ever had negative experiences where it feels pretty firm, but maybe that’s just me. I’m genuinely curious about the experience of others especially when Air Max is the only cushion other than EVA or Phylon.

    1. The Max Air they used in the BB 360 and BB 180 were great. Your foot was right on top of the cushioning and you could actually feel it, and the max bubbles weren’t in between thick, stiff midsoles.

    2. From what i understand, the new casual airmax shoes like the 720 feel kinda soft, but every bball shoe ive had with airmax have had pretty bad cushioning. I guess there is some impact protection going on, but its been largely a gimmick, and it just makes the shoe high off the ground, heavier, and inflexible. Maybe 250 lb nba players can compress it more, but airmax is a rarity to see on nba courts these days so im guessing they dont like it either.

      1. That’s more along the lines of what my experience has been. It’s higher off the ground and just feels a bit hard to me. Like you said, I guess that a heavy nba player can compress it some but I never understood the love for it from the casual or lightweight hooper. Everyone is different though.

        1. Yeah, same. I think the appeal mainly is visual. It looks cool, always has. But these days, why not make it visible zoom? It still has that bubble look, and its a cushion that actually does something. Make all these bball max setups into visible zoom, maybe do the airmax pillars(from the lebron15-16) if its too unstable in the back, and then itll be a cushion worth having.

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