Another Look at the adidas Rose 9, This Time in Black/Red

It’s been months since we last reported on the adidas Rose 9 but now we’ve got an official look at the Black/Red/White colorway.

The adidas Rose 9 marks a dramatic change for Derrick Rose’s signature line; the shoe has ditched its traditional full-length Boost cushioning for something with a bit more bounce, Bounce cushioning. Moreover, the Rose 9 is making the leap to a knitted upper after the low-tech materials used on the Rose 8.

The outsole has also changed and left the coral pattern of past Derrick Rose signatures. Instead, the Rose 9 uses a multi-directional blade traction pattern that should work well.

Not all of the adidas Rose 9 colorways that have leaked use the same knit upper, so expect several different options when the shoe releases.

There is no official word yet on when the adidas Rose 9 will finally release, or what it will cost, but stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.

adidas rose 9 official 3

adidas rose 9 official 1

adidas rose 9 official

adidas rose 9 official 2

adidas rose 9 official 4

adidas rose 9 official 5

adidas rose 9 official 8

adidas rose 9 official 9

adidas rose 9 official 6

adidas rose 9 official 7


Images via US11 / adidas


  1. This looks very clean. Anyone else notice how the the red stitches look like a “1” from the top-down? Like his number back in the bulls. Was that intentional coz this is a Bulls colorway?

  2. Looks like the same material on the toe of the casual BYW LVL1. Nice elastic textile, but weirded out by how it runs under and visible at that cutout.

    Otherwise liking the simplicity of the 9. Makes me think of the Kyrie IV and Dame 4 — just to the point. Hope it’s just as successful of a performer.

  3. a low-top might look nice. if /// is removing boost from the DRose line, I wonder what’ll they do to his takedown models.
    so this and the Harden Vol 2’s. what’s with the pocket/stash at the heel area?

  4. I really like them! Reminds me a little the Dame 3 but with knitted upper, I hope they perform well, and using Bounce I guess it will be a very low to the groung experience.

  5. They look good. The Rose line has arguably been the most consistent signature shoe in terms of performance. Especially traction, hopefully they can keep it going.

  6. Derrick did say in his interview with ULSUM that he really likes the bounce shoes so I guess that explains why he went with bounce instead of boost this shoe

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