Exclusive: And1 Returns to Performance Basketball with the M2

For the young ones and rookies out there, And1 was the $#!+ in the ’90s, leading the low-top revolution and basing shoes off of runner’s lasts — low-riding, fast, and form-fitting. They were affordable options on the shelves next to the $140+ Nike sigs of Penny, Payton, and Pippen, and of course, Jordan. Couple the appeal of lower-priced performance with the rise of Streetball (thanks in large to the And1 Mixtapes) and the fact that almost 20% of the NBA was wearing And1, the brand was everywhere.

And then it wasn’t.

There are many theories about the “why’s and how’s” but one thing is for certain — And1 disappeared almost as soon as they came.The brand has stayed in production and at least stayed visible here in the U.S., biding time, waiting on a comeback, and that comeback is now.

WearTesters had an exclusive sneak peek treat last week in the home of Dallas Stokes. For those of you who don’t know him, Dallas has been in the shoe game for a long minute, starting as a teenager in the pages of Slam magazine designing his first shoes. He has designed for adidas during the T-Mac and Chromium days of the ’90s, Shaq and his DUNK brand, and P. Miller (Master P) shoes, as well as And1 (the first time). Protege followed — the shoes worn by Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson, among others — and a legend was solidified: Mr. Stokes builds things. Other brands followed, including the KG series for Anta, leading to now — Dallas is back with And1, and back to building things.

Today, we at WearTesters have the first official unveiling of the And1 M2, the shoe Mr. Stokes designed for the upcoming basketball season. Going back to the traditional And1 fit and feel, the M2 is based on low-profile cushioning and lightweight performance with great traction and fit. The shoe is influenced by the original Marbury 1 and 2 from Steph’s days, with the grey colorways and the back-reaching ankle lace loop. The cushioning is compression-molded EVA while the sockliner features graphics from the old Mixtape covers. The upper is breathable mesh welded with a synthetic fuse material in the areas needing a little extra support (the ankle, around the laces, the toebox) and is built as an almost one-piece shoe — the tongue and body utilize a bootie construction with notches cut at the entry point for flexibility and comfort.

The release date is not firm, but look for the And1 M2 sometime around the All-Star break. Multiple colorways are coming, along with some monochromatic ones in red and black, and will be priced at $100.

Check the images below, and please, share your thoughts and talking points in the comments.

and1 m2 red 1

and1 m2 black 1

and1 m2 2

and1 m2 5

and1 m2 6

and1 m2 4

and1 m2 3

Images via And1


    1. If it’s a strange error list at the top of the article, its been happening to me since last night.

  1. Not bad, I hope their comeback is successful to compete with other brands as that would help lower the prices in the market.
    I see those warnings too, also had this come up when trying to access the link via Facebook:
    Error 521 Ray ID: 2d04ec172f4946f8 • 2016-08-10 16:46:09 UTC
    Web server is down.
    Head-sup Weartesters.

  2. I think they should start with changing the logo.. It’s not eye catching enough.. IMO
    also, most of the And1 shoes that I have seen so far has too stiff and flat materials, they look cheap.. sorry but it’s just not appealing. I haven’t tried ballin’ in one of those, but they kind of look like they are as heavy and as stiff as bricks.

    I do pray they would make better shoes with the same pricing.. I’m rooting for a come-back!

    1. This is a different design and production team now than has been in place even the last 2 years. Keep open and let them cook for a little while – I have seen some of the other shoes and they are nice.

      As far as logo – there may be, MAY BE, another old logo coming back soon.

    2. I dunno if changing the logo is enough… I honestly feel like And1 needs to get better designers. I mean companies like LiNing, Anta, and Peak – none of which have the same clout in the sneaker game as Nike and Adidas – can manage to make shoes that are visually appealing, why can’t And1. Honestly as a Nike loyalist, I might actually defect to the Anta lines if only they have better distribution in the US… And1 could actually come in and shake the game up, but their shoes are fugly IMHO.

    1. Same here NATE2.
      Nightwing and I had a pair from last NY all-star weekend, but we pulled the review.
      Like BRINKLE said, new team, whole new crew, let’s hope they change the culture of it.

      1. Sorry but are you able to elaborate on why you had to pull the review? Im interested in either/both a performance or tech review. I remember seeing pics of And1 with “air” cushion so was curious how that compared vs Nike’s Air and doesnt BrandBlack also have “Air” cushion tech.

  3. I was going to comment on how ugly they were based on the first image but the other colors look a little better lol. These sort of remind me of K1x. And1 should focus on making quality OUTDOOR basketball shoes. There is a huge hole there.

  4. Oh And1 brings back some great memories. I do hope they achieve their comeback with this shoe. Competition is always good for us customers.
    I have eyed the And1 Havok but haven’t seen a review for those anywhere. Is there a slim chance you’ll go around to testing that model or has that train left the station already?

    1. All the tech in that shoe is outdated and the “old” regime. New shoes will be reviewed as soon as they are available – which should be very soon.

  5. While I am digging this new remix model and hope this new team brings new life to the brand, I also hope they also pick up where the old team left off. i.e.: whatever happened to the release of the Marbury 1 that Lance was rocking and teasing us with? Where did all the good Tai Chis go? Bring back The Player logo that inspired more tattoos than the Jumpman in my day. If the Ewings can come back strong, there’s gotta be hope for this brand.

  6. And1 disappeared because of Dada and their Spinner sneakers … lol. Great to hear And1 making a comeback. A lot of ballers wore the Tai Chis which were famously worn by Vinsanity when he won dunk contest.

  7. I didn’t know that And1 was still in the game till i went shopping last week. I saw two different pairs. One was named Xcellerate 2 and the other Havoc. Both where priced at 100€ and looked to be performance models, no retro stuff. In this regard i don’t know how much of a return to performance this M2 model is other than it being designed by a different guy but on a positive note i really like the M2 red colourway. Although the other two colours make this shoe look like something from the past and not in a retroish good or way more outdated. But hey nowadays nearly everthing that’s coming out which isn’t Nike or Jordan is kind of refreshing my love for sneakers in general so i’m looking forward to any perfomance reviews of And1. By the way what And1 shoe was the ditched review about?

  8. @pacman84
    The havok feels like a budget nike model
    The materials are ok
    Hopefully the Marbury and sprewell line comes back… Hope lance gets a signature as well

    1. Thanks for clarifying this. I’m still interested in the Havok though, it just looks compelling. Maybe I do find a chance to check it out.

  9. Great to see a more subtle platform(the Havok was the only And1 in Europe last year, and it had an enormous outrigger), And1 is still one of the most wide-footer friendly brands, hopefully these will make it across the pond.

  10. The sole on the gray pair looks a lot like the Jordan XI and I actually like these a lot. They’re super retro looking, it’s cool they’re not totally leaving behind their legacy style.

  11. I’m liking how more designs are aggressive with heel lockdown via lacing. Strictly speaking in regards to aesthetics, thing looks mad outdated, though. Somewhat true to And1’s look but that’s not always a good way to go about it.

  12. for starters, improve and change the damn cushion tech. EVA is dinosaur. I tried some And1 shoe in the past back when Champs was still carrying them, they look cheap and the workmanship was sloppy. worst thing, they felt like bricks.

  13. Just curious, how much more expensive (%) is it to put more rubber on EVA for a better cushion? And better compound for rubber on traction? Whereas the upper materials these days are cheaper compared to before since a lot already uses plastic and fabrics

  14. My first shoe was the tai chi because VC. He’s still my fave all time just because he got me hooked on ball. Anyway, does anyone else get a aj 11 vibe on the sole? Looks similar in shape. I’m excited tho.

    1. You are talking about a great time of Basketball history.
      Wasn’t there a Tai Chi re-issue or something like that a couple of years ago?

      1. There was, but compared to the original, they sucked. Outsole was changed, cushioning was thinner, and the nubuck was thinned out. The originals were tanks.

  15. The only one that looks bulky to me is the Navy/White version. They don’t look bad. Hopefully retailers will be accepting of the brand.

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