More BrandBlack Shoes Revealed On SnapChat

We already saw the basketball sneak peeks a couple of hours ago; now, take a look at some of the other lines the Brand is bringing next year. With the signing of Desean Jackson in the NFL, the branches of the ‘Black tree keep growing. Also seen tonight was a new lifestyle take with the Force Vector/JC3 midsole and an all white trainer. The only information given is what you see in the pics, so release dates, pricing, and technology is not given yet, but what is apparent is BrandBlack shows NO SIGNS of stopping the roll they are on. Keep it here on for further info, because you KNOW we have it first.

IMG_5267 (179x320)

IMG_5268 (269x480) (2)

IMG_5266 (325x580) (2)


  1. The Eric collab looks like my ASO brace (which I picked up from the product performance review;) ) built into a shoe. Which seems like a must cop after rolling my ankle BADLY tonight hahaha….

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