An Official Look at the Under Armour Curry One Champ Pack + Release Info

Footlocker and Finishline both gave us an official look today at the Under Armour Curry One Championship Pack. For months, there have been rumors for many different release dates, but we finally get a set date: October 20, 2015.

Two different colorways of the Under Armour Curry One will be in this pack: the black/yellow colorway that Curry wore throughout the NBA postseason, and the Birthday edition (aka ‘Splash Party’) that Under Armour gifted Curry on his birthday. Both of these will be sold together on October 20th in select Footlocker stores, and online at both Footlocker and Finishline for a retail price of $400.

Let us know if you’re going to be trying to get this pack, what you would have liked to see in this pack if you don’t like it, or any other thoughts, in the comments below!

Curry Champ Pack


  1. I really like this pack, the splash party is a pretty nice CW, and i really like the away CW, but you’re paying an extra 160 for the box basically. This is what hype does, cause i know these will sell quickly

  2. Yo… Even giving them a premium upgrade and adding 30$ a shoe you are still getting 100$ box.

    That’s burnt.
    I dig building exclusivity but even copping grs of this shoe has been tough.
    They are just gouging now

  3. They never released enough currys to satisfy consumers and they are doing nike’s and Jordan’s tricks ..
    They ll probably sell out .. But so long for UA’s concept .. They are part of the big 3 now (Nike Jordan and under armour)
    I send so many complaints to the company and eastbay for not releasing enough.. I could only land a low top from Europe for 149€ . This is outrageous!!!!!

  4. The price is not only insulting, but totally against what Curry is supposed to be about. The brand is making the decisions, Curry may not have any input there, but this totally goes against what makes him digable. His game speaks to every ball player who cannot run very fast, or jump incredibly high, yet still being a beast. So why price this shoe pack at a level that speaks to that elitist bullshit?

    I don’t know, but this rubs me the wrong way.

  5. Only when it comes to sneakers do bundles cost more than the worth of the individuals. Pretty much everything else comes discounted when you buy multiples/packs. smh

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