An Official Look at the Nike LeBron 16 ‘Air Trainer’

LeBron watch continues with the upcoming tribute to the classic Nike Air Trainer in the ‘Medicine Ball’ colorway.

Another hybrid of sorts, Nike has created a tribute to the Nike Air Trainer with this upcoming Nike LeBron 16 makeup.

We just saw a tribute to the Medicine Ball edition of the Air Trainer on the Jordan Legacy 312, which sold well. Will this LeBron 16 version sell just as well or are they too ‘modern’ looking and less ‘retro’?

From what we’ve seen on social media, the reception has been a bit hit or miss. But let us know how you feel about this edition of the LeBron 16 below in the comment section.

If you did happen to like the shoe they’ll release on March 30.

via US11/Nike


  1. Whoah! I like the layers on this! The leather pieces and the rubber heel counter with the Nike Air on it! I want! Please dont be expen$ive….

  2. I also like how the elements kinda give the shoe a substantial rework

    but at the same time did Nike run out of ideas? This and the 15 are plagued with QS and PE’s based on older CW’s and models. Some are very nice (I love my red Prime Time 15’s), but how many original colorways are actually notable lately? I just remember the 15 Ashes/Ghost/ASG, and then I can’t say there’s much memorable with the 16, other than some people really like the 1-5.

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