An Official Look at the Air Jordan 3 Tinker in ‘White/University Red’

The Air Jordan 3 Tinker series continues with the upcoming White/University Red.

Admittedly, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Air Jordan 3 Tinker series. I love Tinker and I love the Air Jordan 3, but for whatever reason the original launch colorway, along with the Justin Timberlake collaborations, haven’t appealed to me. However, this version looks like a winner.

Taking a slight departure from what we know the Air Jordan 3 to be, this version removes the popular elephant print and replaces it with what looks to be red suede. This trim of red sits on a white leather build and off-white colored outsole giving the shoe a slight vintaged look that I love — almost has an Air Max 1 look to them which is cool.

The rear shot is the real selling point as the Nike Air branding done up in red looks amazing and reminds me of the good ol’ 1980’s.

While we now have an official look at the upcoming Air Jordan 3 Tinker in White/University Red and you can expect them to release on March 30. Let us know your thoughts on this colorway, and the Tinker 3s in general, and stay tuned for updates as they come.

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  1. Not a fan of no elephant print on the 3s. It’s like a pair of pants with no pockets. Easy pass. Those would’ve been fire if there was red elephant print too!

  2. While the rear shot is very nice, this is a pass for me. I already have Air Max 1s in this colorway and they are far superior IMO.

  3. The ugly thing about these imo is that continuation color between the main overlays, so it makes a red “stripe”. I get that it makes the shoe more than a 3 with a Swoosh, though.

    I have the first colorway of the Tinker 3’s. Stripe worked better imo because it was a different color than what was around it.

    But regardless, should be another high quality 3.

    1. You talking about the Air School Force Mids? Steph only seemed to rock those and the Air WayUp while at Ga Tech.

  4. I’m all in on these! I LOVE wearing my Tinker 3s and these will definitely be added to my collection. Hope they sit a bit so I can use a discount code.

  5. could still be better with a few more reds on certain area, but some red laces should be enough to do the trick. overall, good looking shoe and colorway. elephant print is overrated.

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